The Penzhina (Russian: Пенжина) is a river in Kamchatka Krai, Russia. Its source is in the Kolyma Mountains, and it flows into the Penzhina Bay of the Sea of Okhotsk.[1] It is 713 kilometres (443 mi) long, and has a drainage basin of 73,500 square kilometres (28,400 sq mi).[2] Its main tributaries are the Shayboveyem, Kondyreva and Oklan from the right, and the Ayanka, Chyornaya and Belaya from the left.[1]

Physical characteristics
 • locationKolyma Mountains
 • coordinates64°54′43″N 163°31′22″E / 64.9119°N 163.5227°E / 64.9119; 163.5227
MouthSea of Okhotsk
 • location
Penzhina Bay
 • coordinates
62°28′21″N 165°8′12″E / 62.47250°N 165.13667°E / 62.47250; 165.13667Coordinates: 62°28′21″N 165°8′12″E / 62.47250°N 165.13667°E / 62.47250; 165.13667
Length713 km (443 mi)
Basin size73,500 km2 (28,400 sq mi)


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