Peña Montañesa

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The Peña Montañesa (Aragonese: Penya Montanyesa) is a conspicuous rocky mountainous outcrop of the Pre-Pyrenees. It is located east of the valley of the Cinca, in the Sobrarbe comarca, Aragon, Spain.[1] The ridge's highest summit is 2295 m high. The village of Laspuña is located at the feet of the mountain.

Peña Montañesa
Toponimia Peña Montañesa.JPG
Highest point
Elevation2,295 m (7,530 ft)
ListingList of mountains in Aragon
Coordinates42°31′14″N 00°13′55″E / 42.52056°N 0.23194°E / 42.52056; 0.23194Coordinates: 42°31′14″N 00°13′55″E / 42.52056°N 0.23194°E / 42.52056; 0.23194
Peña Montañesa is located in Spain
Peña Montañesa
Peña Montañesa
LocationSobrarbe (Aragon)
Parent rangeSierra Ferrera
Mountain typeConglomerate
Easiest routeFrom Pueyo de Araguás
Exconjuratory in San Vicente de Labuerda with the Peña Montañesa towering behind it

The summits on the mountain offer excellent views of some of the main peaks of the Pyrenees in the north.

The Peña Montañesa was one of the strongholds of Spanish Republican resistance against invading troops supporting General Franco during the Bolsa de Bielsa episode.[2]

The ruins of the Real Monasterio de San Victorián are located in El Pueyo de Araguás, at the foot of the Peña Montañesa.

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