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Penny Publications is a United States magazine publisher, formed in 1996 as the joinder of Dell Magazines, founded 1921 by George T. Delacorte, Jr., which had been acquired by Crosstown Publications and Penny Press, founded 1973, which as Penny Publications, LLC was under the same ownership as Crosstown Publications. Dell Magazines, later popularly known for its science fiction and mystery magazines, had also early published puzzle magazines including crossword games, beginning in 1931 with Dell Crossword Puzzles. As of 2011, Penny Publications publishes at least 85 magazines, distributed through newsstands, in stores, and by subscription in U.S. and Canada, and at least 60 puzzle books. Penny Publications' headquarters are in Norwalk, Connecticut, U.S.

Dell Crossword Puzzles, Official Crossword Puzzles and Pocket Crossword Puzzles have been published continuously for more than 60 years.[1]

From 2001, by special arrangement with Three Across, Penny Publications has offered "New York Times style" crosswords to membership groups such as The Crosswords Club, The Large-Print Crosswords Club, and The Uptown Puzzle Club.[2]

In early 2010, Penny Publications renewed its agreement for distribution via Comag Marketing Group LLC (CMG) for sale, marketing and distribution of all of its titles, both under Penny Press and under Dell Magazine brands, in the U.S., Canada, and elsewhere.[1]


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Magazines and imprints published by Penny Publications include:

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