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Pennsylvania Route 926

Pennsylvania Route 926 (PA 926) is a 26.2-mile-long (42.2 km) state route located west of Philadelphia in Chester County, Pennsylvania. The western terminus of the route is at PA 10 in Upper Oxford Township. The eastern terminus is at the West Chester Pike (PA 3) in the Philadelphia suburb of Willistown Township. The route is known as Street Road for its entire length. For 0.9 miles (1.4 km), PA 926 runs along the county line between Delaware and Chester Counties. The route passes through a mix of suburban and rural areas along its extent. PA 926 is two lanes and undivided its entire length.

PA Route 926 marker

PA Route 926
Street Road
Route information
Maintained by PennDOT
Length26.176 mi[1] (42.126 km)
Major junctions
West end PA 10 in Upper Oxford Township
  PA 796 in Londonderry Township
PA 41 in Londonderry Township
PA 841 in West Marlborough Township
PA 82 in East Marlborough Township
PA 52 in Pennsbury Township
US 202 / US 322 in Darlington Corner
PA 352 in Westtown Township
East end PA 3 in Willistown Township
CountiesChester, Delaware
Highway system
PA 925PA 927

In colonial times, William Penn laid out a road in Marlborough Township called Marlborough Street. This road would be incorporated into a road surveyed in 1815 called Street Road that ran between Philadelphia and the Susquehanna River. PA 926 was first designated by 1928 on a different alignment running from U.S. Route 122 (US 122, now US 202/US 322) east to PA 129, a route that was designated along Street Road between US 122 and PA 352. By 1930, PA 926 was designated along Street Road between US 122 and PA 352, replacing PA 129. PA 926 was extended to its current length in 1937.

Route descriptionEdit

PA 926 westbound past the eastern terminus at PA 3 in Willistown Township

PA 926 begins at an intersection with PA 10 in Upper Oxford Township, Chester County, heading northeast on two-lane undivided Street Road. The road passes through farmland with some trees and homes, crossing the East Branch Big Elk Creek into Londonderry Township. The route continues east through rural areas and passes near a few residential developments before it intersects PA 796 in the community of Daleville. PA 926 runs past more farms and reaches a junction with PA 41. Past this intersection, the road curves southeast and parallels PA 41 for a short distance before turning to the east. The route becomes the border between West Marlborough Township to the north and London Grove Township to the south, passing to the north of a landfill before it continues through more agricultural areas with some woods and homes, intersecting PA 841. Farther east, PA 926 fully enters West Marlborough Township and reaches the community of London Grove, where it briefly turns south at an intersection with Newark Road prior to turning east again. The road continues through rural area and briefly becomes the border between West Marlborough Township to the north and East Marlborough Township to the south before fully entering East Marlborough Township, where it passes to the south of a residential development before intersecting PA 82 in Willowdale.[2][3]

Following this intersection, the route runs east through a mix of farmland and woodland with some residential areas. PA 926 crosses into Pennsbury Township and immediately intersects PA 52, at which point it heads more to the east-northeast. The road passes through wooded areas with some fields and residences, crossing into Pocopson Township. The route intersects Pocopson Road and crosses an East Penn Railroad line in the community of Pocopson. Past this, PA 926 crosses the Brandywine Creek into Birmingham Township. Just after crossing the Brandywine Creek, the route intersects Creek Road. The road continues northeast and runs through a mix of residential developments, fields, and woods. PA 926 becomes the border between Westtown Township to the northwest and Thornbury Township to the southeast as it passes through more suburban development with some farms. The route crosses US 202/US 322 in the community of Darlington Corners, where it passes near some commercial development.[2][3]

The road heads through wooded areas of residential neighborhoods and reaches the community of Westtown, where it passes over the West Chester Railroad. PA 926 runs past residential areas with some farm fields as it passes to the north of the Cheyney University of Pennsylvania campus. The route becomes the border between Westtown Township, Chester County to the northwest and Thornbury Township, Delaware County to the southeast as it runs past more residential subdivisions and intersects PA 352. Past the PA 352 intersection, the road turns north to fully enter Westtown Township, Chester County, passing fields and woods. The route curves northeast again and crosses into Willistown Township, where it passes through wooded areas of homes. PA 926 reaches its eastern terminus at an intersection with PA 3.[2][3]


PA 926 eastern terminus at PA 3 in Willistown Township

Street Road dates back to colonial times, when a straight road in Marlborough Township was laid out by William Penn and was named Marlborough Street, running from Pennsbury Township to the Marlborough Friends Meetinghouse. In 1815, a road was surveyed between Market Street in Philadelphia and McCalls Ferry on the Susquehanna River to facilitate the westward expansion of settlers. This new road followed the alignment of Marlborough Street. This road became known as Street Road, named after Marlborough Street that it followed.[4] When Pennsylvania first legislated its routes in 1911, Street Road was not given a route number.[5] By 1928, Street Road existed as a paved road between London Grove and Red Lion and from US 122/PA 29 (now US 202/US 322) in Thornbury to PA 352 in Tanguy. PA 129 was designated along the portion of road between US 122/PA 29 and PA 352. PA 926 was first designated by 1928 to run from US 122/PA 29 east to PA 129 along unpaved Oakbourne Road and paved Concord Road and Westbourne Road.[6] By 1930, PA 926 was realigned to follow Street Road between US 122 and PA 352, replacing the PA 129 designation on this stretch which was shifted to a road further south.[7] In 1937, PA 926 was extended along Street Road to its current length between PA 10 near Russellville and PA 3 near Westtown.[8][9] By 1940, the entire route was paved.[9] PA 926 has remained along the same alignment since.[3]

Major intersectionsEdit

ChesterUpper Oxford Township0.0000.000  PA 10 (Limestone Road)Western terminus
Londonderry Township3.2705.263  PA 796 (Jennersville Road)
3.9986.434  PA 41 (Gap Newport Pike) – Cochranville, Avondale
West Marlborough Township6.0849.791  PA 841 (Coatesville Road) – Springdell, Chatham
East Marlborough Township12.08819.454  PA 82 (Unionville Road) – Unionville, Kennett Square
Pennsbury Township14.91424.002  PA 52 (Lenape Road) – West Chester, Kennett Square
township line
20.43832.892   US 202 / US 322 (Wilmington Pike)
county line
township line
24.55539.517  PA 352 (Chester Road/Middletown Road) – Goshenville, Lima
ChesterWillistown Township26.17642.126  PA 3 (West Chester Pike) – West Chester, Newtown SquareEastern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

PA 926 Alternate TruckEdit


PA Route 926 Alternate Truck
LocationChester County, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Route 926 Alternate Truck is a truck route bypassing a weight-restricted bridge over Radley Run in Thornbury Township, on which trucks over 36 tons and combination loads over 40 tons are prohibited. Formed in 2013, it follows PA 52, US 1, and US 202/US 322.[10][11]

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