Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDA) is a cabinet-level agency in Pennsylvania.[2] The department's purpose is to support a sustainable and safe supply of food and agricultural products; be good stewards of the land and natural resources; promote the viability of farms; protect consumers; and safeguard the health of people, plants, animals and the environment.

Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture
Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Logo.svg
Logo of the PDA
Agency overview
Formed1895 (1895)
JurisdictionGovernment of Pennsylvania
Headquarters2301 North Cameron Street
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
40°17′15″N 76°52′51″W / 40.28750°N 76.88083°W / 40.28750; -76.88083
Annual budget$232.6 million (FY 2010)[1]
Agency executive

The department is under the direction and supervision of the Secretary of Agriculture, who is appointed by the Governor of Pennsylvania with the approval of the Pennsylvania Senate. The current Secretary of Agriculture, Russell Redding, was appointed by Governor Tom Wolf in January 2015 and confirmed in May 2015.

Secretaries of AgricultureEdit


The department is under the direction and supervision of the secretary of Agriculture, who is appointed by the governor of Pennsylvania. The secretary is assisted in managing the department by an executive deputy secretary, two deputy secretaries and a special deputy secretary. The department is subdivided into program bureaus, each headed by a bureau director. Bureaus are further subdivided into divisions.

  • Secretary of Agriculture
    • Executive Deputy Secretary
      • Deputy Secretary for Agriculture and Consumer Protection
        • Farmland Preservation Bureau
          • Agricultural Conservation Easements Division
          • Land Use and Natural Resources Division
        • Farm Show Bureau
          • Show Management Division
          • Operations and Maintenance Division
          • Safety and Security Division
        • Animal Health and Diagonistic Services Bureau
          • Animal Health Division
          • Regulation and Compliance Division
          • Veterinary Laboratories Division
        • Food Safety and Laboratory Services Bureau
          • Food Safety Division
          • Milk Sanitation Division
          • Laboratories Division
          • Eggs, Fruits and Vegetables Inspection Division
        • Ride and Measurement Services Bureau
          • Amusement Ride Division
          • Weights and Measures Division
      • Deputy Secretary for Marketing and Economic Development
        • Plant Industry Bureau
          • Plant Protection Division
          • Health and Safety Division
          • Agronomic and Reguibak Services Division
        • Market Development Bureau
          • Livestock Marketing and Grading Division
          • Economic Development Division
          • Agricultural Marketing Division
        • Food Distribution Bureau
          • Federal Commity Division
          • Food Assistance Division
          • Field Operations Division
      • Special Deputy Secretary for Dog Law Enforcement
        • Dog Law Enforcement Bureau
      • Administrative Services Bureau
        • Office Services Division
        • Contracting and Procurement Division
      • Human Resources Office
      • Regional Offices
      • Information Technology Services Office

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