Pen gun

Homemade pen guns (Museum of the History of Donetsk militsiya).
Homemade pen guns (Museum of the History of Donetsk militsiya).

A Pen gun is a firearm that resembles an ink pen.[1][2] They generally are of small caliber (e.g., .22 LR, .25 ACP, .32 ACP, .38-caliber, etc.)[3][4] and are single shot.[3][5] Early examples of pen guns were pinfired, but modern designs are rim or centerfire.[1] Some pen guns are not designed to fire regular cartridges, but rather blank cartridges, signal flares or tear gas cartridges.[1][6]

In the United States, pen guns that can fire bullet or shot cartridges and do not require a reconfiguration to fire (e.g., folding to the shape of a pistol) are federally regulated as an Any Other Weapon (Title II). They require registration under the National Firearms Act and a tax in the amount of five dollars is levied.[6][7]


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