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Pen-link is a company that produces data intercept and surveillance equipment and software used by law enforcement and intelligence agencies.[1]

Pen-Link, Ltd.
Headquarters Lincoln, Nebraska, USA
Products LINCOLN Collection Systems and Servers

Their products the Pen-Link 8 and LINCOLN 2 provide complete systems for electronic surveillance of nearly any form of electronic communications, including wire line, wireless, satellite, VoIP, Voice over Packet and 3G communication including Push-to-Talk, instant messaging, chat, e-mails, and web traffic.[2][3] [4][5][6]

Pen-Link products are used by nearly all U.S. law enforcement agencies (including DEA, FBI, CIA, Secret Service, US Marshals, Department of Homeland Security, and hundreds of state and local police departments).[5] Pen-Link secured $11,416,425 in U.S. government contracts between the years 2000 and 2007.[7]

One of the more publicized uses of Pen-Link's products was during the Laci Peterson murder case, where wiretaps taken with Pen-Link/LINCOLN, were used as evidence against Scott Peterson.[1]

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