Pedro Sotillo

Pedro Sotillo (1902–1977) was a Venezuelan writer, journalist, and poet. He was a distinguished member of the Generation of 1928 and co-founder of several well-known magazines such as El Ingenioso Hidalgo and Válvula.

Pedro Sotillo
25th Governor of Guárico
In office
Preceded byJulio Montenegro
Succeeded byManuel Gimon Itriago
Personal details
San José de Unare, Venezuela
Political partyDemocratic Action
Professionwriter, journalist, poet

Early lifeEdit

Pedro Sotillo was born in San José de Unare, Guárico, Venezuela, in 1902. In 1928, Sotillo and several other young writers, including Arturo Úslar Pietri, Miguel Otero Silva, Nelson Himiob, Juan Oropeza, Fernando Paz Castillo, Gonzalo Carnevalli, among others, founded the literary magazine Válvula considered the official voice of the Venezuelan vanguardistas.

Journalist workEdit

In 1935, Pedro Sotillo founded another magazine, El Ingenioso Hidalgo, along with his friends Arturo Úslar Pietri, Julián Padrón, and Alfredo Boulton. Later, in 1939, he published his first work, Andanzas. Other works would follow suit, La Calle y Los Caminos in 1951, and Caminos nocturnos, in 1956.

During the 1940s, Pedro Sotillo worked as director of El Nacional, which today is one of Venezuela's largest newspapers, and that was founded by his friend, novelist Miguel Otero Silva. He also worked for El Heraldo, a very important newspaper in Venezuela during the 1940s and 1950s, owned by his very close friend Ricardo Domínguez Urbano-Taylor.

Last yearsEdit

Pedro Sotillo occupied several political posts during the 1940s, including Secretary of Government, governor of the state of Guárico, and as a Venezuelan congressman. Pedro Sotillo died in Caracas in 1977.

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