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Peaking Lights are a husband and wife[1] music duo who met in San Francisco in 2006 and moved to Spring Green, Wisconsin in December 2007 where they lived until 2009 then moved to Madison, Wisconsin from 2009-2011, they returned to the west coast to live in Los Angeles, California where they currently live. Peaking Lights music has been described as psychedelic pop.[2] The band originally formed in 2008, performing live in order to fund a road trip to Texas, at which point they released the self-titled cd-r Clearvoiant (later released on cassette via Night-People).[3] Their son Mikko contributed vocals to their third album, Lucifer.[4][5] In 2013 their second son Marlon was born. They were among the "friends" that contributed in 2013 to The Flaming Lips' The Time Has Come To Shoot You Down…What A Sound, a reworking of the Stone Roses debut album. [6]

Peaking Lights
Origin San Francisco, CA
Genres Psychedelic pop
Years active 2008 (2008)–present
Labels Night People
Mexican Summer
Weird World
Two Flowers
Associated acts Leisure Connection
Analogue Players Club
Unborn Unicorn
Heart of Snow
Omen Compass
Members Aaron Coyes
Indra Dunis



  • Clearvoiant (2008, self-released)
  • Clearvoiant (2008, Night People cassette)
  • Imaginary Falcons (2009, Night People)
  • Space Primitive (2010, Fuck It Tapes, cassette)
  • Space Primitive (2010, Night People)
  • 936 (2011, Weird World / Not Not Fun)
  • Lucifer (2012, Mexican Summer / Weird World)
  • Lucifer in Dub (2012, Weird World / Mexican Summer)
  • 936 (2013, Two Flowers)
  • Cosmic Logic (2014, Weird World)
  • The Fifth State of Consciousness (2017, Two Flowers)


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