Peak Pobeda (Sakha)

Peak Pobeda (Russian: Победа, "Victory"; Yakut: Победа Xайа, romanized: Pobeda Qaỹa) is a mountain in Sakha Republic, Russia.

Peak Pobeda
Yakut: Победа хайа
The north-east face of Peak Pobeda
Highest point
Elevation3,003 m (9,852 ft)[1]
Prominence2,443 m (8,015 ft)[1]
Coordinates65°10′32″N 146°00′27″E / 65.17556°N 146.00750°E / 65.17556; 146.00750Coordinates: 65°10′32″N 146°00′27″E / 65.17556°N 146.00750°E / 65.17556; 146.00750[1]
Peak Pobeda is located in Sakha Republic
Peak Pobeda
Peak Pobeda
LocationSakha Republic, Russia
Parent rangeBuordakh Massif,
Chersky Range
Easiest routeFrom Ust-Nera, 180 km to the SW

This mountain is one of the main features of the Moma Natural Park.[2]


At 3,003 m (9,852 ft) it is the highest peak of the Chersky Range.[3] and of the East Siberian mountain system, as well as the highest mountain of Yakutia.

The mountain is located in the Buordakh Massif, part of the Ulakhan-Chistay Range, a subrange of the Chersky mountain system.

Climbing historyEdit

Italian mountaineers Simone Moro and Tamara Lunger were the first to make a winter ascent of Peak Pobeda on February 12, 2018. They reported that the temperature was about -40° C (-40° F) at base camp when they made their ascent.[4]

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