Peace of Brześć Kujawski

Peace of Brześć Kujawski was a peace treaty signed on December 31, 1435 in Brześć Kujawski that ended the Polish–Teutonic War (1431–1435). The treaty was signed in the aftermath of the Livonian Order's defeat at the hands of the allied Polish-Lithuanian force in the Battle of Pabaiskas (Wiłkomierz). The Teutonic Knights agreed to cease their support to Švitrigaila (who tried to break the Polish-Lithuanian union) and in the future to support only Grand Dukes properly elected jointly by Poland and Lithuania. The treaty did not change borders determined by the Treaty of Melno in 1422.[1] The Peace of Brześć Kujawski showed that Teutonic Knights lost their universal missionary status.[2] Teutonic and Livonian Order no longer interfered with Polish–Lithuanian affairs; instead Poland and Lithuania involved themselves in the Thirteen Years' War, the civil war in Prussia that tore it in half.[3]

Peace of Brześć Kujawski
AGAD Traktat pokojowy polsko krzyzacki 1435 5.png
Peace treaty
Typepeace treaty
Signed31 December 1435
LocationBrześć Kujawski, Poland
PartiesKingdom of Poland-flag.svg Kingdom of Poland
Alex K Grundwald flags 1410-03.svg Grand Duchy of Lithuania
Flag of the State of the Teutonic Order.svg State of the Teutonic Order
Saint Stanislaus church in Brześć Kujawski, where the treaty was announced

The treaty also eliminated the possibility of appealing against the treaty to the Pope or Holy Roman Emperor.[4]

The treaty was announced in the Gothic Saint Stanislaus church in Brześć Kujawski.


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