Peabody High School (Pennsylvania)

Peabody High School was a public school in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the neighborhood of East Liberty. The school opened in 1911 after the renovations of the former Margaretta Street elementary school and was rededicated in honor of Highland Park Doctor Benjamin H. Peabody. After 100 years in operation, the school board of the Pittsburgh Public Schools voted to close the school and graduate its final class in 2011.[1]

Peabody High School

United States
School districtPittsburgh Public Schools
Color(s)Maroon and gray

The Barack Obama Academy of International Studies 6-12 relocated to the building starting in the 2012–2013 school year. The Peabody name will no longer be used.[1]

Notable alumniEdit


David Logan - NFL Player -Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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