Pavle Kozjek

Pavle Kozjek (15 January 1959 – 25 August 2008) was a Slovenian mountaineering pioneer and a photographer.

Nangpa La shootings: Kelsang Namtso lying in the snow after being shot and killed, photo by Pavle Kozjek
17 December 2006 photo by Pavle Kozjek of captured Tibetan refugee children after the murder of a Tibetan teenage nun shot in the back at hundreds of yards distance

Kozjek was born in Setnica near Polhov Gradec, SR Slovenia, Yugoslavia. He was a member of the Ljubljana Matica Alpine Club. In 1997, he was the first Slovene climber to ascend Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen.[1] In October 2006, he led a new route up the southeastern face of Cho Oyu in less than 15 hours and took photographs of Nangpa La shootings - an ambush of unarmed Tibetan pilgrims by Chinese border guards attempting to leave Tibet via the Nangpa La pass.[2] For his accomplishments he received the Piolet d'Or 2006 Spectators Choice.[3]

In August 2008, Kozjek participated in an expedition with Dejan Miškovič and Gregor Kresal trying to climb Muztagh Tower in the Karakoram, Pakistan. On 25 August 2008, he fell from the mountain through a cornice[4] and was reported dead a few days later. He is the 19th Slovene to die in the Himalayas.[5]


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