Paul Weingarten

Paul Weingarten, Ph.D. (20 April 1886, in City of Brünn, Margravial Moravia, Imp.&R. Austria – 11 April 1948, in Vienna, Second Republic of Austria) was a Moravia-born pianist and music teacher.

Paul Weingarten

He studied Music History at the University of Vienna, where he obtained a Ph.D. in 1910.

He studied music at the Vienna Conservatory. Among his teachers were Emil von Sauer (piano), Robert Fuchs (theory), Guido Adler.

After traveling through Europe as a concert pianist, he became a piano teacher at the Vienna Music Academy. On his return to Austria, in March 1938, from a concert tour in Japan, German troops were advancing in Austria. He taught at the Tōkyō Ongaku Gakkō [ja], Shitaya Dist., Tokyo Metropolis. He left Austria to return in 1945 to give a piano masterclass at the Vienna Academy of Music.

Jazz keyboardist Joe (Josef) Zawinul reports he was taught by Weingarten at the Vienna Conservatory in 1939 before Weingarten "had to leave."[citation needed]

The grave of Paul and Anna

He was married with Anna Maria Josefa Elisabeth von Batthyány-Strattmann[1] (23 March 1909, Kittsee – 21 September 1992, Vienna), a daughter of László Batthyány-Strattmann.


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