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Paul Stamets (Star Trek)

Paul Stamets is a character in the fictional Star Trek franchise. He appears in the television series Star Trek: Discovery (2017. Stamets is portrayed by actor Anthony Rapp.

Paul Stamets
Star Trek character
First appearance"The Vulcan Hello" (2017)
Portrayed byAnthony Rapp
Lieutenant Commander
Significant otherHugh Culber
AffiliationUnited Federation of Planets
USS Discovery

The character is remarkable as the first openly gay regular character in a Star Trek television series.[1] Within Discovery's narrative, he is a scientist and engineer who combines physics and mycology into a fictional method for instantaneous faster than light travel, and his name is an allusion to Paul Stamets, who advocates for the ecological benefits of mushrooms.[2]

Character portrayalEdit

In the Star Trek show, Stamets often talks about mushrooms in space.[3] The Stamets character develops real world contemporary mycological science into science fiction concepts in the portrayal.[4][5] Stamets believes the Universe is organized by spores and mycelia as the "building blocks of energy across the universe".[3]


Various publications described how the character sets a precedent both the Star Trek world and generally in media as a depiction of a gay character.[1][6]


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