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Paul Ryan is a fictional character on the CBS soap opera As the World Turns. The role was originated in 1980 and portrayed by several child actors until he was SORASed in 1986. The role was last portrayed by Roger Howarth who stepped into the role in 2003.

Paul Ryan
Roger Howarth as Paul Ryan
As the World Turns character
Portrayed byDanny Pintauro (1982–85)
Christopher Daniel Barnes (1985-1986)
Andrew Kavovit (1986–92)
Scott Holroyd (2001–03)
Roger Howarth (2003–10)
(and others)
  • 1980–92
  • 1996
  • 2001–10
First appearance1980
Last appearanceSeptember 17, 2010
Created byBridget and Jerome Dobson
Introduced byMary-Ellis Bunim
ClassificationFinal, regular
Other namesPaul Colfax
Paul Stenbeck
OccupationFormer Owner of WorldWide Industries
Former Chief Financial Officer of BRO
Former Owner of an Internet company
Former Employee of Montgomery & Associates
100 Stone Ridge Road
Oakdale, IL 60324



The role was originated by Canaan Crouch, the real-life son of Colleen Zenk and her former husband for several months in 1980. Later, three other child actors including, Danny Pintauro took over the role. Pintauro debuted in January 1983 and last appeared on February 10, 1984 and was quickly replaced by Elden Ratliff on February 13, 1984. Ratliff departed from the series in January 1985 and C. B. Barnes stepped into the role the following month; Barnes last appeared in January 1986. Damon Scheller stepped into the role in February 1986 on a recurring basis and last appeared in October 1986. In November 1986, Andrew Kavovit stepped into the role when the character was SORASed to age 16. In 1990, Kavovit earned the Daytime Emmy award in the Outstanding Younger Actor category for his portrayal of Paul.[1] Kavovit last appeared on the series in October 1991, with a brief appearance in 1992. Actor John Howard stepped into the role briefly in 1996 but was quickly let go. In May 2001, it was announced that Scott Holroyd was cast in the role of Paul. Holroyd began taping in June and made his first appearance on July 10, 2001. Kevin Stapleton, known for his role as One Life to Live's Kevin Buchanan was also considered for the role.[2] In March 2003, Holyroyd confirmed in an interview with TV Guide that he was departing from the series. Holroyd made his last appearance on May 13, 2003.[3] Following the announcement about Holroyd's departure, rumors began circulating that Daytime Emmy winner Roger Howarth, known for his role as One Life to Live's Todd Manning was being considered for the role. In May 2003, after several weeks of speculation, CBS confirmed that Howarth had signed on to play Paul Ryan and Howarth made his first appearance on July 7, 2003.[4]





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