Paul Matschie

Paul Matschie (11 August 1861, Brandenburg an der Havel – 7 March 1926, Friedenau) was a German zoologist.

Paul Matschie

He studied mathematics and natural sciences at the Universities of Halle and Berlin, afterwards working as an unpaid volunteer at the Berlin Zoological Museum under Jean Cabanis (1816–1906). In 1892 he was in charge of the department of mammals at the museum, later becoming a curator (1895), and in 1902 attaining the title of professor. In 1924 he was appointed second director at the museum.

During the years 1891–93, he described 11 new species of reptiles.[1] A species of gecko, Hemidactylus matschiei (Tornier, 1901), is named in his honor.[2] Matschie organized the fifth International Congress of Zoologists in Berlin and was for some years co-editor of the journal Natur und Haus.[3]

Matschie's tree-kangaroo (Dendrolagus matschiei) and Matschie's galago (Galago matschiei) are two species of mammals which bear his name.

Selected writingsEdit

In German, except as noted:

  • Die Säugthiere Deutsch-Ost-Afrikas, 1895.
  • Säugethiere, 1898.
  • Die Megachiroptera des Berliner Museums für Naturkunde, 1899.
  • Die Fledermäuse des Berliner Museums für Naturkunde, etc., 1899.
  • Die Säugetiere der von W. Kükenthal auf Halmahera, Batjan und Nord-Celebes gemachten Ausbeute by Paul Matschie and W G Kükenthal, 1900.
  • Le sanglier noir de l'Ituri "Hylochoerus ituriensis", 1906. (in French).
  • Mammalia, Aves, Reptilia, Amphibia, Pisces by Paul Matschie, et al. 1909.[4]



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