Patt Morrison

Patt Morrison is a journalist, author, and radio-television personality based in Los Angeles and Southern California.[1]

Patt Morrison
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Patt Morrison
Born1952 (age 68–69)
EducationOccidental College
OccupationJournalist, author
Notable credit(s)
NPR 'Patt Morrison' program, PBS 'Life & Times' show, L.A. Times 'Patt Morrison Asks' column
"Rio L.A." book


Morrison is a writer for the Los Angeles Times, with the weekly 'Patt Morrison Asks' column,[2] and received the Joseph M. Quinn award in 2000 from the Los Angeles Press Club for lifetime achievement.[3] In 2006 she began hosting the eponymous public radio program 'Patt Morrison,' a 2-hour weekday interview-talk program on NPR affiliate KPCC. Her program was dropped in August 2012.[4] Morrison has been a frequent commentator on National Public Radio since 1994, BBC radio and TV, and The Huffington Post blog. She also founded the PBS daily local news 'Life & Times' public television program, and co-hosted it on KCET-TV from 1993 to 2001.[5][6] She won six Emmys and 6 Golden Mike awards for the program.[3] Currently, Morrison fills in as the host of KPCC's "AirTalk" when the show's regular host, Larry Mantle, is unable to do the show.


Originally from Utica, Ohio, Morrison is a 1974 cum laude graduate of Occidental College,[1][7] and was named its 'Alumnus of the year' in 1995.[8] In 1998 she was elected to the college's Board of Trustees.[3]

Her fashion trademark is wearing hats that coordinate with her clothing ensembles; she is always seen in public with one.

She identifies herself as a lacto vegetarian. Pink's Hot Dogs, a Hollywood landmark and establishment known for naming unique hot dog and topping combinations after local cultural icons, has named the vegetarian 'Patt Morrison Baja Veggie hot dog' after her.[9]


Patt Morrison is a fiction and non-fiction author, and in addition to numerous magazine articles [1] has written:

  • "Rio L.A., Tales from the Los Angeles River" - a book with photographer Mark LaMonica. "The reality and spirit of the Los Angeles River, a concrete masterpiece of clandestine beauty that stretches from the mountains to the mouth of Long Beach Harbor."[10]
  • "Morocco Junction 90210," a story in the book "Los Angeles Noir" - "a collection of 17 stories about the shadow side of the “City of Angels.”[10]


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