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The Patriotic League (Estonian: Isamaaliit) was a political movement in Estonia and the only legally permitted party in the country between 1935 and 1940.[1]

Patriotic League

LeaderKonstantin Päts
HeadquartersTallinn, Estonia
IdeologyEstonian nationalism


After Konstantin Päts's self-coup in 1934, all political parties – including Päts's own Union of Settlers and Smallholders – were banned.[2] The Patriotic League was established on 9 March 1935 as the political movement of the establishment, with opposition parties remaining banned.[3][1]

Elections for a National Assembly to draft a new constitution were held in 1936. The Patriotic League's candidates ran unopposed in 50 of the 80 seats, though a League victory was already assured since no opposition parties were allowed to field candidates.[3]

Prior to the 1938 elections the Patriotic League formed the National Front for the Implementation of the Constitution to run in the election, although the Front was effectively the same organisation.[1]


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