Patriarch Adrian of Moscow

Patriarch Adrian (Russian: Адриан; born Andrey, Андрей; 2 October 1627, 1637, or 1639 – 16 October 1700)[1] was the last pre-revolutionary Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia.

Adrian (Russian: Адриан)
Patriarch of Moscow and all the Rus'
Patriarkh Adrian.jpg
ChurchRussian Orthodox Church
SuccessorStefan Yavorsky
Personal details
Born2 October 16--
Moscow, Russia
Died16 October 1700
BuriedDormition Cathedral, Moscow Kremlin
ProfessionCivil servant, Tsardom of Russia

Adrian caught the eye of Patriarch Joachim, when he was still an archmandrite at Chudov Monastery. In 1686, Joachim appointed him metropolitan of Kazan and Sviyazhsk. On 24 August 1690, Adrian was chosen to replace Joachim on his post. Patriarch Adrian was a staunch adherent of traditional norms and opposed Peter the Great's reforms (e.g., he criticized Peter's decree on mandatory shaving of beards). Adrian's relations with the tsar were tense; however, he had to accept some of Peter's criticism about deficiencies in management of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Adrian sought to eradicate Latinizations in the Church in Ukraine. He introduced a confession requiring bishops-elect to state that the epiclesis, rather than the Words of Institution, transforms the gifts at the liturgy into the body and blood of Christ.[2]


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