Pastel de Camiguín

Pastel de Camiguín, or simply pastel, is a Filipino soft bun with yema (custard) filling originating from the province of Camiguin. The name is derived from Spanish pastel ("cake"). Pastel is an heirloom recipe originally conceived by Eleanor Popera Jose and the members of her family in Camiguin.[1][2] She started to commercially sell it from 1990.[3] It is primarily produced at the time of family's special occasions and gatherings.

Pastel de Camiguín
Pastel de camiguin.jpg
Alternative namespastel, Camiguin pastel
Place of originPhilippines
Region or stateCamiguin

In addition to the original yema filling, pastel also feature other fillings, including ube, mocha, macapuno, cheese, chocolate, durian, jackfruit, and mango, among others. Pastel is regarded as a pasalubong (regional specialty gifts) of Camiguin Island and nearby Cagayan de Oro City.[4][5][6][7]

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