Pasión de Amor (Philippine TV series)

Pasión de Amor (transl. Passion of Love) is a 2015 Philippine romantic drama television series based on the 2003 Colombian telenovela Pasión de Gavilanes, starring Mario Cimarro, Danna García, Juan Alfonso Baptista, Paola Rey, Michel Brown and Natasha Klauss, produced by Telemundo and R.T.I. Colombia. Directed by Eric Quizon, it is topbilled by Jake Cuenca, Arci Muñoz, Ejay Falcon, Ellen Adarna, Joseph Marco, Coleen Garcia, Wendell Ramos, and Teresa Loyzaga. The series premiered on ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida evening block and worldwide on The Filipino Channel from June 1, 2015 to February 26, 2016,[1] replacing Inday Bote.

Pasión de Amor
Title card
Created by
  • Willy Laconsay
Based onPasión de Gavilanes
by Julio Jiménez
Written by
  • Tanya Winona Bautista
  • Jose Ruel L. Garcia
  • Ruel Montañez
  • Christine Gara
  • Chie E. Floresca
Directed by
  • Eric Quizon
  • Don M. Cuaresma
  • Carlo Po Artillaga
  • Raymund B. Ocampo
Creative director(s)Dang Fortalez-Baldonado
Opening theme"Akin Ka Na Lang" by Morissette Amon
Composer(s)Francis "Kiko" Salazar
Country of originPhilippines
Original language(s)
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes194
Executive producer(s)
  • Jayson Aracap Tabigue
  • Celeste Villanueva Lumasac
  • Ana Maria A. Zamora
  • Rizza Gonzales-Ebriega
  • Annaliza A. Goma
Production location(s)
  • Jay Mendoza
  • Froilan Francia
Running time28–35 minutes
Production company(s)
DistributorUniversal Television
Original networkABS-CBN
Picture format480i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Original releaseJune 1, 2015 (2015-06-01) –
February 26, 2016 (2016-02-26)
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The story revolves around the Samonte brothers who set out to avenge the death of their youngest sister. They do this by making the Elizondo sisters fall in love with them.


Follow the story of the Samonte family: Juan, Oscar, Franco, and Olivia. Juan, being the eldest, wanted was to provide a better life for his family after their parents died. Little did Juan and his brothers know that Olivia was seeing a much older and wealthy man, Bernardo Elizondo. When Bernardo's wife, Gabriela finds out about his affair, she hires men to kill Olivia. When Olivia was brutally raped and murdered, Juan and his brothers will stop at nothing to bring justice to her death.

The Samonte brothers will infiltrate the household of the Elizondo's, the family Juan suspects is responsible for what happened to Livia. There, Juan will meet Gabriela, the powerful matriarch; and Norma, the mysterious eldest daughter who has unwittingly captured his interest.

The more he spends time with the family, the more he's sure of Gabriela's guilt. But her daughters, Norma in particular, will protect their family and their mother no matter what. Juan must think of a way to get closer to the truth he's so desperately seeking, and the only way he finds is to make Norma fall in love. As time passes they have to fight for their love under the dangers caused by Gabriel Salcedo,G abriela's bastard son, and tries to succeed but as they married along with Oscar and Sari and Franco and Jamie they suffered in the hands of Gabriel during their honey moon and succeeds in killing Jamie. Gabriel kidnaps Oscar and Sari and the rest including JD and plants a bomb in the cave at first they succeed but they got caught causing Norma to have an accident in order for her son to escape but as for Gabriela she teams up with them to destroy her son to stop this plan and kills both Gabriel and his father, Lazaro, in order to be safe. As of that Norma is sent to the hospital to recover but as the doctors stated that Norma will die causing Gabriela redeeming her soul and regretting her sins. At the lobby the Elizondos and Samontes are visited by a young image of the Elizondos father Bernardo and gives his daughter her life back and gives a chance of redemption of their mistakes, as a sign of Gabriela's sorrowful cries and hopes of a new hope. Two years later, they finally lived a peaceful life after all the struggles and hardships in the past years and Juan remembers his promise to his father for being the eldest he must be ready to protect his loved ones.

Cast and charactersEdit

Main castEdit

Cast Character Character Information
Jake Cuenca Juan Samonte The eldest of siblings. Loving, protective and like a father to his younger siblings. He raised them after the death of his parents. Very protective of them, especially Lyvia, the youngest and only girl of the siblings. Juan thinks of nothing but Oscar, Franco and Lyvia's benefits. But his world will be dazed after Lyvia will be killed by Gabriela Elizondo. Along the way, Juan will find love on the way. Later in the series he marries Norma and has a son. In the end, he and Norma live happily and it is revealed that she is carrying a baby whom they name 'Olivia' after his sister.
Arci Muñoz Norma Elizondo-Samonte The eldest daughter of Gabriela and Bernardo Elizondo. She is a girl with a trauma of love because she was molested and raped in the past. She has ex-boyfriend Fernando, a person who does not love; but has to marry because of her family's wishes. Norma then meets Juan who becomes her hero in disguise and savior from her heartache. She is the most trusted of the Elizondo siblings which causes her sister's to envy her, mostly Sari. Norma later gets pregnant with Juan's son and marries him. In the end, she and Juan bear a child named Olivia.
Ejay Falcon Oscar Samonte A manly person but has a kind heart. Oscar loves his siblings with all his heart and is protective of Lyvia, like all of brothers. When Lyvia is murdered by Gabriela, Oscar and his brothers seek justice for what happened. They plan to manipulate, hurt and revenge their sister by using the Elizondo sisters. But, unexpectedly, Oscar falls for Sari. So many trials and tribulations happen to them but in the end love prevails. Oscar and Sari get married and they had a son named Jude.
Ellen Adarna Sarita "Sari" Elizondo-Samonte She is the middle child of the Elizondo sisters and is suffering from 'middle-child syndrome'. A troublemaker who is jealous of her sister Norma because her parents trust her more and even gave their family farm to her. Sari is a party-girl who falls for Oscar. Their relationship is tested so many times as many of Gabriel's plans affect her and several people. She later makes peace with Norma. The Elizondo sisters get married in a 'triple-wedding'. In the end, she and Oscar have a son who is named Jude.
Joseph Marco Franco Samonte Kind, loving and caring. Franco loves his family with all of his heart and will do everything to protect them, especially Lyvia. He meets an elder woman named Eduvina Suarez, who becomes their 'sugar-mommy' and mother figure. After breaking up with Jamie he will meet Elle, but he cannot erase the feelings that he has for Jamie for Elle. He later marries Jamie but a tragic accident will happen when Jamie is killed in their honeymoon. Later, he promises to Jamie that he will love her forever, even though she is dead. Franco then meets a woman named Jenny.
Coleen García Jimena "Jamie" Elizondo Unlike Norma and Sari, she is considered the less achiever between all of the sisters. She owned a bar named Armada, and that's where she met Franco. The two will become a couple but their relationship will be tested after Gabriela does several plans to ruin their love. Gabriela considers her to be disappointment out of the three. She later marries Franco but unfortunately a tragic accident will happen to her. Jamie will be killed by Gabriel's henchmen. Franco and her love will last forever even though she already died.
Wendell Ramos Gabriel Salcedo-Madrigal Gabriela's out-of-wedlock son with her former boyfriend Lazaro. He appeared in the second month of airing of the series. It is revealed that he had a sister named Daniella. Gabriela abandoned them both for money and riches also to marry Bernardo. Gabriel strikes revenge against the Elizondo family blaming him for his and his sister's suffering. He was the one responsible for the death of Jessa and his half-brother Fernando. Towards the end of the series, he became even more desperate to fulfill his revenge, he attempted to kill Gabriela, the Samonte siblings and the Elizondo sisters. He was only able to kill Jamie. Gabriel later dies after being shot by Franco and tells Gabriela that he will never forgive her before he dies. The main antagonist of the series
Teresa Loyzaga Doña Gabriela Salcedo-Elizondo / Gabriela Salcedo-Madrigal The mother of Norma, Sari, and Jamie Elizondo, as well as Gabriel and Daniella. A cold cruel woman, who married Bernardo just for money. She was the one responsible for Lyvia's death because Bernardo gave her more money that he did her. It's later revealed that she has a son named Gabriel who she abandoned long ago. She, Norma and Sari later get kidnapped and Gabriel perpetrated an acid attack and threw it unto her face, damaging it greatly. Gabriela later renews her soul and the Samonte's forgive her for her sins. She later gets life imprisonment. She killed many characters in the series. The main female antagonist of the series

Supporting castEdit

Cast Character Character Information
Ahron Villena Fernando Madrigal Norma's ex-boyfriend who she was forced to love. He will do everything for Norma. Once Fernando finds out that Norma already loves Juan, he start planning things against Gabriela. It is later revealed that he is Lazaro's son and Gabriel's half-brother. He seduced Gabriela and blackmailed her for everything; or else he will show everyone the sex video of him and her. Fernando was later killed by Gabriel and Gabriela was the mastermind of his death.
Michelle Madrigal Lucia "Cia" Espejo A childhood friend of the Samonte brothers. Later she returns into the lives of the Samonte's. Sari thought that she had an interest for Oscar which causes a big complication. Cia later makes her feelings straight for Oscar. She helps the Samonte brothers to find evidence against Gabriel by making him think that she loves him but she was only pretending. She starts to really develop feelings for Gabriel and loves him. But he later finds out that she is only fooling him. Cia later tried to escape from Gabriel's hands, but unfortunately she was shot in the back, which caused her to become paralyzed.
Dante Ponce Lazaro Madrigal Gabriela's ex-lover and Gabriel and Daniella's father. He later comes back into Gabriela's life but plans revenge using his son Fernando. When Gabriela was thought dead by everyone, it is revealed Lazaro was the one who saved Gabriela. But he imprisoned her into an island and he forced her to get married. Lazaro attempted many times to make Gabriela love him but he failed when Gabriela shot him and he was 'killed'. Later he is alive, and has cheated death several times. He tries to kill Franco because he shot Gabriel but Oscar shot Lazaro, which caused him to die.
Daria Ramirez Nanay Eva Rodriguez The maid of the Elizondo family. A mother figure to Norma, Sari and Jamie Elizondo. She knew that Bernardo was having an affair with Lyvia, but she didn't inform Gabriela because Eva knew that he was happy. Gabriela is grateful to Eva because she helped her raise the Elizondo sisters and they call her "Nanay Eva". Mayor has an interest for her and they start to date. She informs Gabriela's daughters about her "things".
Pen Medina Maryo "Mayor" Adriano Juan and Oscar's prison friend. He helped the Samonte brothers against Gabriel. He was imprisoned because of drugs, but later renews himself. Mayor is Elle's niece and treats her like his own. He has an interest for Eva and they start to date.
Pilar Pilapil Maria Eduvina Suarez The bitter cold woman on the outside, but has a warm kind heart on the inside. Eduvina saw that Franco had potential and treated him and along with his brothers, like her sons to make up for the son that she never had. She trusts the Samonte brothers and gave them most of her assets and properties. One day she went to church and was kidnapped by Gabriela. She was later suffocated to death when Gabriela covered her head. The Samonte brothers then vow to find justice for whoever killed her. Also she is considered as Franco's "Sugar Mommy".
Kazel Kinouchi Eliza "Elle" Adriano Mayor's niece and Franco's ex-girlfriend. She and Franco met in an elevator and ironically ended their relationship near the elevator. Elle was jealous of Jamie because she believed the she might steal Franco from her. When she migrated to Singapore to work for sixth months, she had an affair with her boss Leo, who is also a Filipino. Unbeknownst to her, Leo was hired by Gabriela to destroy her relationship with Franco. Franco later declared that their relationship is over and they broke up.
Ron Morales Henry Vargas Gabriela's loyal right-hand man. He follows all of Gabriela's order knowing even though she is evil. An accomplice of Gabriela in all of her schemes, especially the Samonte's. Henry is loyal to Gabriela because she helped him find his daughter. But what he doesn't know is that Gabriela will use his daughter to make sure that he will always be loyal. He was later killed by Gabriela when she had to save her daughters. Gabriel made her choose in which who to kill Henry or her daughters.
Aubrey Miles Rosario "DJ Rio" Montes-Burgos Franco's ex-girlfriend. In the beginning of the series, Franco had an interest for her which caused Jamie to become jealous because she also liked Franco. Rio had a husband named Daniel, who was abusive to her and Franco became her hero when he saved her. When Franco fell for Jamie, he made his feelings clear to Rio that he does not see her beyond a friend.
Enzo Andrei de Castro Juan David "JD" Elizondo-Samonte Who is also Gabriela and Bernardo's grandson. A loving son who does not know his father. Gabriel becomes his father figure and loves him as his own. Juan later returns to Norma's life and meets his son. In the end, he had a younger sister named Olivia.
Zeppi Borromeo Dos Roque Alvarez, Jr. Juan, Oscar, Franco and Lyvia's friend. He helped the Samonte brothers get revenge on the Elizondo family by helping them with their plans. Dos also let Oscar and Juan live in his home. He treats them like a brother. Unfortunately, he was killed by Henry when he found out that Gabriela was the mastermind behind Lyvia's death. The Samonte brothers revenge aggravates and the promise to avenge him.
Jojo Riguerra Pepito "Ping" Canlas One of Gabriela's henchmen. Ping is also one of Lyvia's murderers, along with Mike and Jed/Rafael. Like Mike, Henry, and Jed he is loyal to Gabriela. In order to find out the truth who killed Lyvia, Juan and his brothers kidnapped Ping and tortured him until he would admit the truth. At first, he did not admit because he was loyal to Henry and Gabriela. Until his conscience got the best of him and he start seeing Lyvia's ghost as an apparition he finally admitted that he killed Lyvia and that Gabriela was the mastermind. Ping tried to escape the Samonte brother's hands, but he was shot by Oscar. They brought him to the hospital, but Gabriela ordered Henry to kill him. Ping later died when Henry injected something into his body.
Marco Lumba Mike Galvez Gabriela and Henry's henchmen and another one of Lyvia's murderers. One time Gabriela came to his house and shot him in the arm but the Elizondo sisters helped him and brought him to the hospital. Jed cooperated with Norma, Sari and Jamie and revealed to them that Gabriela was the plotter of Lyvia and Bernardo's deaths.
Cara Eriguel Detective Anna Miranda She was hired by Norma to find out the true identities of Juan, Oscar and Franco. Anna did her job well and was the one who informed Norma that Juan, Oscar and Franco are Lyvia's older brothers.

Guest castEdit

  • Carlos Morales as Mattheus
  • Nathaniel Britt as Kiko Rodriguez
  • Jae Cochon as Daniella Samonte Elizondo
  • Benj Bolivar as Miggy
  • June Macasaet as Mike
  • Denisse Aguilar as Paula
  • Natalia Moon as Dancer at Bridal Shower (Norma, Sari and Jamie)
  • Akiko Solon as Lucy
  • Josh Ivan Morales as Norma's rapist (flashbacks)
  • Dionne Monsanto as KC
  • Alex Castro as Architect Gelo Corpuz
  • Paolo Rivero as Foreman
  • Aiko Climaco as Marga
  • Menggie Cobarrubias as Eduvina's doctor
  • Judy Saril as Barbie
  • Hazel Faith dela Cruz as Agnes
  • Jocelyn Medina as Mrs. Chavez
  • Hannah Ledesma as Claire
  • Jonic Magno as Atty. Lopez

Special participationEdit

  • Ronaldo Valdez as Don Bernardo Elizondo
  • Jose Sarasola as young Bernardo Elizondo
  • Ingrid dela Paz as Olivia "Lyvia" Samonte
  • Yayo Aguila as Lenora Alvarez-Samonte
  • Lorenzo Mara as Orlando Samonte
  • Dominic Ochoa as Carlos Suarez
  • Aimee Nishida as young Olivia "Lyvia" Samonte
  • Louise Abuel as young Juan Samonte
  • Carlo Lacana as teenage Juan Samonte
  • Belle Mariano as young Norma Elizondo
  • Raikko Mateo as young Oscar "Oca" Samonte
  • Isaac Tangonan as teenage Oscar "Oca" Samonte
  • Francine Diaz as young Sarita "Sari" Elizondo
  • Nhikzy Calma as young Franco "Cocoy" Samonte
  • Ezequiel Martinez as teenage Franco "Cocoy" Samonte
  • Zara Julianna Richards as young Jimena "Jamie" Elizondo
  • Brace Aquiza as young Gabriel Salcedo
  • Veyda Inoval as young Gabriela Salcedo
  • Maria Telesa De Torres as young Daniella Salcedo
  • Shy Carlos as young adult Gabriela Salcedo-Elizondo
  • Johan Santos as young Lazaro Madrigal
  • Dimples Romana as young Maria Eduvina Suarez
  • Claudine San Antonio as Jessa / Fake Olivia "Lyvia" Samonte
  • AJ Dee as Daniel Burgos
  • Victor Silayan as Leo
  • Micah Muñoz as Jomar

Special finale participationEdit


Initially meant to be part of ABS-CBN's Kapamilya Gold afternoon block, based on the first teaser, declaring that Pasión de Amor will be airing on Kapamilya Gold in May 2015.[2] But on a last minute change — due to other network's shows currently airing on the said block (two other teleseryes, Koreanovela Let's Get Married and soon to be successor Pinoy Big Brother: 737 Gold). However, the timeslot was later announced as part of Primetime Bida evening block and finally aired on June 1, 2015, after the network decided to immediately end Inday Bote until May 29, 2015, due to low ratings and lack of support. The schedule time is before TV Patrol.


(5:45PM PST)

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