Pashtun Kot District

Pashtun Kot district is located in the center of Faryab Province, south of the provincial capital Maymana. The district center Pashtun Kot is a suburb of Maymana (35°54′42″N 64°47′12″E / 35.91167°N 64.78667°E / 35.91167; 64.78667). The population is 277,000 (2002) with an ethnic composition of 60% Uzbeks, 15% Tajik, 20% Turkmens 10% Pashtuns and minority Arab Aimaq.[2]

Pashtun Kot

پشتون کوت
Pashtun Kot is located in Afghanistan
Pashtun Kot
Pashtun Kot
Location within Afghanistan[1]
Coordinates: 35°49′N 64°47′E / 35.81°N 64.78°E / 35.81; 64.78Coordinates: 35°49′N 64°47′E / 35.81°N 64.78°E / 35.81; 64.78
Country Afghanistan
ProvinceFaryab Province
DistrictPashtun Kot
907 m (2,976 ft)
 • Estimate 

Between 24 April and 7 May 2014, flash flooding from heavy rainfall resulted in the destruction of public facilities, roads, and agricultural land. Assessment findings reported 319 families in total were affected, six people died, 517 livestock were killed, 350 gardens were damaged/destroyed, and 524 jeribs of agricultural land was damaged/destroyed in Kata Qala, Nadir Abad, Nawe Khoshk, and Chakab.[3]


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