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Pasar Kliwon District, Surakarta

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Pasar Kliwon, or Kliwon Market district is a district (kecamatan) located in the southeastern city of Surakarta, Indonesia where Kraton Surakarta is located. It is also the concentrated clearly defined-living area of Arab Indonesians, where many of the occupants make living from textile business. Pasar Klewer (Klewer Market), the biggest batik market in Indonesia, is located within the district. Kauman, known as Batik Tourism Village, is also located in this district, which is next to Pasar Klewer.[1]

Pasar Kliwon
Location in Java
Location in Java
Pasar Kliwon
Location in Java
Coordinates: 7°35′09″S 110°49′42″E / 7.585810°S 110.828451°E / -7.585810; 110.828451Coordinates: 7°35′09″S 110°49′42″E / 7.585810°S 110.828451°E / -7.585810; 110.828451
Country Indonesia
ProvinceCentral Java
 • Total4.82 km2 (1.86 sq mi)
93 m (305 ft)
 • Total74,145
 • Density15,000/km2 (40,000/sq mi)
Time zoneWIB (UTC+07:00)
Area code(s)0271

The following is the list of villages in Pasar Kliwon:[2]

  • Kampung Baru (postal code: 57111)
  • Kauman (postal code: 57112)
  • Kedong Lumbu (postal code: 57113)
  • Baluwarti (postal code: 57114)
  • Gajahan (postal code: 57115)
  • Joyosuran (postal code: 57116)
  • Semanggi (postal code: 57117)
  • Pasar Kliwon (postal code: 57118)
  • Sangkrah (postal code: 57119)
Pasar Kliwon Village, circa 1857 to 1874


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