Party of the Christian Left

The Party of the Christian Left (Italian: Partito della Sinistra Cristiana) was a political party in Italy founded in 1939 by Franco Rodano and Adriano Ossicini.

Party of the Christian Left
Partito della Sinistra Cristiana
SecretaryFranco Rodano
Merged intoItalian Communist Party
NewspaperVoce Operaia
Il Pugno Chiuso
IdeologyChristian communism
Christian socialism
Christian left
Political positionLeft-wing


The pro-Marxist Catholics, initially, organized themselves into a group composed not only by Rodano, but also by Ossicini, Marisa Cinciari, the sisters Laura and Silvia Garroni, Romualdo Chiesa, Mario Leporatti and Tonino Tatò. In the spring of 1941, Franco Rodano, Don Paolo Pecoraro and Adriano Ossicini elaborated the "Manifesto of the Cooperative Movement", in which the need for an immediate commitment of Catholics against fascism was supported, trying to reconcile the concepts of property and freedom with those of a humanitarian socialism. After that, the group formed itself into the Synarchical Cooperative Party (Partito Cooperativista Sinarchico, PDC) and began to collaborate clandestinely and from outside with the Italian Communist Party (PCI). In 1941, the PCS became the Christian Communist Party (Partito Comunista Cristiano, PCC):[1]

On 9 September 1944, the MCC became Party of the Christian Left,[2] with the confluence of the Christian-social movement of Gabriele De Rosa but, between January and May 1945, L'Osservatore Romano reaffirmed that only the DC had the right to represent the Christians in politics.


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