Party of Donkeys or Donkeys' Party (Persian: حزب خران, romanizedḤezb-e Ḵarān; Donkey is epitome of docile imbecility)[1] was a frivolous political party in Iran. It was founded in 1963, when the New Iran Party vs. the People's Party rivalry was shaped.[1] The party had members with green membership cards and held gatherings.[2]

Party of Donkeys
FounderTowfiq Brothers[1]
HeadquartersKermanshah, Iran
ColorsLawn green
SloganPersian: گاوان و خران باربردار، به زآدمیان مردم‌آزار, lit.'Oxen and donkeys that carry loads, Are better than people who torment their fellows'[2]

"Donkeys of Iran and the World Unite! Create a world in which donkeys can live in comfort. Support the creation of a Bank of Hay. Oppose and end all donkey-like despotism. Create an atmosphere in which every donkey can freely bray", were among the principles declared by the party.[1]

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