Current party leaders of the United States Senate

The party leadership of the United States Senate refers to the officials elected by the Senate Democratic Caucus and the Senate Republican Conference to manage the affairs of each party in the Senate. Each party is led by a floor leader who directs the legislative agenda of his caucus in the Senate, and who is augmented by an Assistant Leader or Whip, and several other officials who work together to manage the floor schedule of legislation, enforce party discipline; oversee efforts to elect new Senators, and maintain party unity.[citation needed]

The titular, non-partisan leaders of the Senate itself are the Vice President of the United States, who serves as President of the Senate, and the President pro tempore, the seniormost member of the majority, who theoretically presides in the absence of the Vice President.[citation needed]

Unlike committee chairmanships, leadership positions are not traditionally conferred on the basis of seniority, but are elected in closed-door caucuses.[citation needed]

Republican leadershipEdit

Since January 20, 2021, the Republican Party has constituted a minority in the United States Senate.

Position Name State Notes[1][2]
Floor Leader Mitch McConnell Kentucky The Senate Minority Leader, who serves as leader of the Senate Republican Conference and manages the legislative business of the Senate
Minority Whip John Thune South Dakota The Senate Minority Whip, who manages votes and communicates with individual senators and ensures passage of bills relevant to the agenda and policy goals of the Senate Republican Conference
Republican Conference Chair John Barrasso Wyoming Oversees floor leader election, helps lead policy initiatives and policy proposals
Republican Policy Committee Chairman Roy Blunt Missouri Policy liaison between committees and conference legislation
Chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee Todd Young Indiana Responsible for overseeing efforts to elect Republicans to the Senate
Vice Chair of the Senate Republican Conference Joni Ernst Iowa Takes minutes and assists chair with conference operations
President pro tempore Chuck Grassley Iowa The longest-serving Republican senator, not formally part of Republican leadership

Democratic leadership in the United States SenateEdit

Since January 20, 2021, the Democratic Party has constituted a majority in the United States Senate.

Position Name State Notes[3][2]
Floor Leader Chuck Schumer New York Senate Majority Leader
Majority Whip Dick Durbin Illinois Senate Majority Whip; Position traditionally the same as Assistant Floor Leader, but split into two so that Patty Murray could become Assistant Floor Leader (Hoyer-Clyburn 2010 House Democratic Caucus)
Assistant Floor Leader Patty Murray Washington (state) Assistant Majority Leader; third-ranking democrat in the Senate Democratic Caucus. Position created in 2016 after Reid's retirement to settle possible rivalry between Murray and Durbin for the whip post.
Vice Chairman of the Democratic Caucus Mark Warner

Elizabeth Warren



Position created for Schumer after successful tenure as DSCC chairman
Senate Democratic Conference Secretary Tammy Baldwin Wisconsin Responsible for managing the policy agenda for the Senate Democratic Conference
Chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Chris Van Hollen Maryland Responsible for overseeing efforts to elect Democrats to the Senate
Chair Senate Democratic Policy Committee Debbie Stabenow Michigan Responsible for relations between Senate committees and the Senate Democratic Conference
Chairman of the Steering Committee Amy Klobuchar Minnesota Responsible for fostering relations between Senate Democrats and community leaders and interest groups
Vice Chairman of Policy and Communications Committee Joe Manchin West Virginia Assists caucus with policy proposals, outreach, legislative research, and party unity
Chief Deputy Whip Jeff Merkley Oregon Assists the Whip in managing Democratic votes and communicating leadership strategy with Senate Democrats
President Pro Tempore of the United States Senate Emeritus Patrick Leahy Vermont Honorary member of the leadership team
President of the Senate Kamala Harris (California) Not a Senator; see Vice President of the United States


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