Partido de la Gente

Partido de la Gente (Spanish for "Party of the Folk" or "Party of the People") is a Uruguayan political party.

Partido de la Gente
LeaderEdgardo Novick
Founded7 November 2016; 5 years ago (2016-11-07)
Economic liberalism
Political positionCentre-right to right-wing
National affiliationCoalición Multicolor
Chamber of Senators
0 / 30
Chamber of Deputies
1 / 99
0 / 19
0 / 112


Founded in 2016, its main leader is Edgardo Novick.[1]

Three members of the party have been elected to the legislature: the Senator Daniel Bianchi and the Representative Guillermo Facello, both former Colorados; and the Representative Daniel Peña, a former Blanco. However, in early 2019 Bianchi was expelled from the party after driving under the influence of alcohol.[2]


Gente is a Spanish-language word for "people" or "populace". There is also another synonym, pueblo. Locally, the word pueblo may have a left-leaning or revolutionary connotation, as used by other political groups such as Partido por el Gobierno del Pueblo and Partido por la Victoria del Pueblo. As such, the name of the party used a more neutral term without the connotation, while still maintaining a similar translation as the "Party of the Folk", or "Party of the Plain Folks", as well as "Party of the People".

Electoral historyEdit

Presidential electionsEdit

Election Party candidate Running mate Votes % Votes % Result
First Round Second Round
2019 Edgardo Novick Daniel Peña 26,313 1.12% - - Lost  N

Chamber of Deputies and Senate electionsEdit

Election Votes % Chamber seats +/- Position Senate seats +/- Position Size
2019 26,313 1.12%
1 / 99
  1 6th
0 / 30
  Coalition (PNPCCA–PG–PI) 6th


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