Partido Ecologista Radical Intransigente

The Ecologist Radical Intransigent Party (Spanish: Partido Ecologista Radical Intransigente, acronym PERI) is a Uruguayan green party established in 2013.

Partido Ecologista Radical Intransigente
Partido Ecologista Radical Intransigente
PresidentCésar Vega
FounderCésar Vega
HeadquartersMontevideo, Uruguay
Green liberalism
Green politics
Social liberalism
Political positionCentre to centre-left
ColorsGreen, Yellow
Chamber of Deputies
1 / 99

It participated in 2014 and 2019 primaries and general elections, obtaining in 2019 for the first time a seat in the Deputy chamber.[1]

The party runs its own broadcasting programme on CX 40 Radio Fénix, La voz del agro.[2][3]


2014 electionsEdit

PERI obtained 1,596 votes in the 2014 Uruguayan presidential primaries held on 1 June 2014, enough votes to gain the right to participate in the 2014 Uruguayan general election.[2] One of its goals for October 2014 campaign was to install the environmental and ecological agenda in the Uruguayan Parliament.[4][5]

After the final scrutiny of the October general elections by the Electoral Court of Uruguay, PERI obtained 17,835 votes. After one year since its creation, it almost reached a seat in the Deputy Chamber in 2014.

2019 electionsEdit

After the final counts of the general election of October by the Electoral Court of Uruguay, PERI obtained 33,461 votes (with the total of circuits scrutinized), therefore Cesar Vega was elected as the sole deputy for PERI to the lower chamber.[6][1]

Electoral historyEdit

Presidential electionsEdit

Election Party candidate Running mate Votes % Votes % Result
First Round Second Round
2014 César Vega 17,835 0.75% Lost
2019 Andrés Chucarro 33,461 1.43% Lost

Chamber of Deputies and Senate electionsEdit

Election Votes % Chamber seats +/- Senate seats +/- Position Size
2014 17,835 0.75%
0 / 99
0 / 99
  Extra-parliamentary 6th
2019 33,461 1.43%
1 / 99
0 / 99
  Opposition   5th



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