Partia e Fortë

The Strong Party (Albanian: Partia e Fortë, PF) was a satirical political party in Kosovo[a] formed in 2013.[1][2] Its goal is "to come to power to control public money in the interest of supporters and the like-minded."[3]

Strong Party
Partia e Fortë
LeaderVisar Arifaj, Yll Rugova
Founded21 June 2013
Dissolved8 May 2019
Technological utopianism
Freedom of information
Pirate politics
Political positionLeft-wing
ColoursOrange, Black

As part of the group's commitment to gender equality, over thirty percent of the candidates running for office in the upcoming election are men.[4] The Party seeks to maintain the political status quo, praising Kosovo as a democratic country where living people as well as "those in the other world" can vote.[5] Party leaders claim a victory of around 120 percent, as measured by the group's pollsters.[6]

The Party is headed by Visar Arifaj—whose official title Kryetar Lexhendar (Legendary Chairman) is intentionally misspelled with the so-called hard xh—and other young activists from Prishtina. It is the only political party which has no ordinary members, beside the Legendary Chairman all its supporters serve as deputy chairmen. The Strong Party is a grass roots organization linked to the coffee culture of Kosovo's capital.


The party was officially registered on June 20, 2013,[7] although it was formed in November, 2012.[8] It was founded by a group of activists and artists like Yll Rugova, Visar Arifaj, Ilir Bajri and Agon Hamza.[9] People related to Partia e Fortë as a political party have been related to some internet pranks and protests that gained media and public attention. The first public appearance outside of Facebook and Twitter was on Klan Kosova cable television in early 2013.

On first elections on October 2013, Partia e Fortë got votes to get at least one person elected in the Municipal Assembly of the capital city Prishtina.

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a. ^ The political status of Kosovo is disputed. Having unilaterally declared independence from Serbia in 2008, Kosovo is formally recognised as an independent state by 97 UN member states (with another 15 states recognising it at some point but then withdrawing their recognition) and 96 states not recognizing it, while Serbia continues to claim it as part of its own sovereign territory.


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