Parramatta Park, New South Wales

Parramatta Park is a major urban park and historic site in Parramatta in Western Sydney, Australia. It was gazetted as a public park in 1858 on the site of the former Parramatta Government Domain over 99.5 hectares. It was gazetted as a National Park in 1917.[2]

Parramatta Park
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Parramatta Park, New South Wales is located in Sydney
Parramatta Park, New South Wales
TypeUrban Park
LocationPitt & Macquarie Streets, Parramatta
Coordinates33°48′49″S 150°59′52″E / 33.813670°S 150.997885°E / -33.813670; 150.997885Coordinates: 33°48′49″S 150°59′52″E / 33.813670°S 150.997885°E / -33.813670; 150.997885
Area85 ha (210 acres)
Operated byParramatta Park Trust
Visitors2 million (in 2015-16)[1]
OpenAll year

The park is a part of the territory of the Darug people, who called it Burramatta, and has remnants of the Cumberland Plain Woodland. It is historically and archaeologically significant and has been used for recreational purposes throughout the 19th and the 20th century. The remains of aboriginal occupation can be seen within the park and various artifacts of the era have been retrieved from the vast green space.[3]

In 1860 the extension of the Main Western railway line divided the park and necessitated the demolition of Governor Macquarie’s stables. In 1913 some of the park was annexed for the construction of Parramatta High School. In 1981, eight hectares was transferred to the Parramatta Stadium Trust.[2]

In the early 1950s motor racing was held on the roads running through the park. In June 1954, the Steam Tram & Railway Preservation Society laid a short section of railway track. Its depot was destroyed by an arson attack in June 1993, and the track was lifted in December 1998.[4][5]

The present parklands are 85 hectares in size, straddling the Parramatta River on the western edge of the Parramatta central business district. Old Government House, sits within the park.[6]

The park is administered by the Parramatta Park Trust pursuant to the Parramatta Park Trust Act 2001.[7]


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