Parnassus (disambiguation)

Mount Parnassus is a sacred mountain in central Greece, near Delphi. The name "Parnassus" in literature typically refers to its distinction as the home of poetry, literature and, by extension, learning.

Parnassus or Parnassos may also refer to:

Geography and derivatesEdit

  • Parnassos (municipality), a former municipality in Phocis, Greece, named after Mount Parnassus
  • Parnassos, the mythic son of the nymph Kleodora and the man Kleopompus, and namesake of the mountain and city



  • Parnassia, a plant genus also known as "Grass of Parnassus"
    • Parnassia palustris, commonly called marsh grass of Parnassus, northern grass-of-Parnassus, or just grass-of-Parnassus, a species of the genus Parnassia


See alsoEdit

  • Montparnasse, a hilly Paris neighbourhood where students in the 17th century came to recite poetry; they nicknamed it after "Mount Parnassus"
  • Parnassius, a genus of butterfly
  • Parnassianism, a 19th-century French literary movement