Parkrose School District

The Parkrose School District is in Portland, Oregon. The district contains four elementary schools, a middle school, and a high school. It is a K–12 district with an enrollment of approximately 3,300 students as of 2016.


The school district originated in 1885 as a one-room schoolhouse, though the district's name at that time was informal.[1] The district slowly grew - first into several classrooms, and later several buildings. In November 2005 the school district had 3,505 students enrolled.[2]


In the 2009 school year, the district had 199 students classified as homeless by the Department of Education, or 5.6% of students in the district.[3]


  • Parkrose High School, Molly Ouche, Principal
  • Parkrose Middle School, Annette Sweeney, Principal
  • Sacramento Elementary, Megan Filiault, Principal
  • Russell Elementary, Samantha Regaisus, Principal
  • Shaver Elementary, Laura Goodman, Principal
  • Prescott Elementary, Sam Maranto, Principal

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