Parkland Region

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Parkland is an informal geographic region of the Canadian province of Manitoba, located between Lakes Manitoba and Winnipegosis on the east and the Manitoba–Saskatchewan border on the west.

Map of the Parkland Region of Manitoba.

The largest population centre is the city of Dauphin, and the second largest is the town of Swan River. Riding Mountain National Park, Duck Mountain Provincial Park, and Asessippi Provincial Park are also located in the region, as well as Manitoba's highest point, Baldy Mountain.

Together with the Westman Region to the south, Parkland composes the broader Prairie Mountain region,[1] and is provided health services via Prairie Mountain Health.[2] As of 2016, the Parkland region had a population of 43,787.[3]

Major communitiesEdit

Urban municipalities:

Unorganized areas:

Rural municipalities and communitiesEdit

Rural municipality Unincorporated communities Census division[4]
  • Alonsa
  • Amaranth
  • Bacon Ridge
  • Bluff Creek
  • Cayer
  • Eddystone
  • Harcus
  • Kinosota
  • Lonely Lake
  • Moore Dale
  • Portia
  • Reedy Creek
  • Reykjavik
  • Shergrove
  • Silver Ridge
No. 17
Dauphin No. 17
Ethelbert No. 17
Gilbert Plains No. 17
Grandview No. 17
Lakeshore No. 17
McCreary No. 17
Minitonas – Bowsman No. 20
Mossey River No. 17
Mountain No. 20
Riding Mountain West No. 16
  • Bield
  • Boggy Creek
  • Deepdale
  • Makaroff
  • Merridale
  • Roblin (UUC)
  • San Clara
  • Shevlin
  • Shortdale
  • Tummel
  • Walkerburn
  • Zelena
No. 16
Rossburn No. 16
Russell – Binscarth No. 16
Ste. Rose No. 17
Swan Valley West No. 20

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