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The Dallas County Hospital District, doing business as the Parkland Health & Hospital System, is the hospital district of Dallas County, Texas, United States.[1] Its headquarters are in the Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas.[2][3]

Parkland Memorial Hospital is the primary hospital of the district.



In 2009 the Greater Dallas Planning Council awarded the Dream Study Award to the district due to the district's master plan for its hospital.[4] In 2009 Parkland Health & Hospital system began analyzing electronic medical records in order to use predictive modeling to help identify patients at high risk of hospital readmission. Initially the hospital focused on patients with congestive heart failure, but the program has expanded to include patients with diabetes, acute myocardial infarction, and pneumonia.[5]

Community clinicsEdit

The district operates several community clinics. The locations elsewhere are:[3]

  • Bluitt-Flowers Health Center (Dallas)
  • deHaro-Saldivar Health Center (Dallas)
  • Employee Physician Office (Dallas)
  • East Dallas Health Center (Dallas)
  • Garland Health Center (Garland)
  • Irving Health Center (Irving)
  • Oak West Health Center (Dallas)
  • Parkland Memorial Hospital (Dallas)
  • Pediatric Primary Care Center (Dallas)
  • E. Carlyle Smith, Jr. Health Center (Grand Prairie)
  • Southeast Dallas Health Center (Dallas)
  • Vickery Health Center (Dallas) - In Vickery Meadow

Youth and family centersEdit

The district has several youth and family centers in area schools.[6]

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