Park Sang-woo (Korean박상우; born June 14, 1976), better known by the stage name Park Hae-joon, is a South Korean actor. Park first drew attention as a supporting actor in the television series' Doctor Stranger and Misaeng: Incomplete Life both released in 2014, which led to him being cast in his first leading role in Jung Ji-woo's film Fourth Place (2015).[1] He gained widespread recognition through The World of the Married (2020).

Park Hae-joon
Park in June 2016
Park Sang-woo

(1976-06-14) June 14, 1976 (age 48)
Busan, South Korea
EducationKorea National University of Arts (Theater Studies)
Years active2000–present
AgentPleo Entertainment
(m. 2010)
Korean name
Revised RomanizationBak San-gu
McCune–ReischauerPak Sangu
Stage name
Revised RomanizationBak Hae-jun
McCune–ReischauerPak Haejun




Year Title Role Notes Ref.
2012 Helpless Loan shark
2013 Pluto Detective Choi
Hwayi: A Monster Boy Beom-soo
2014 Genome Hazard Kurosaki
See, Beethoven Bad man
A Touch of Unseen Gynecologist
2015 The Accidental Detective Joon-soo [2]
4th Place Kwang-soo
2016 Pure Love Min-ho [3]
Missing Park Hyun-ik [4]
2017 Heart Blackened Dong Seong-sik [5]
Warriors of the Dawn Tarobe [6]
2018 Believer Seon-chang [7]
2019 Jo Pil-ho: The Dawning Rage Kwon Tae-joo [8]
Bring Me Home Myung-gook [9]
Tune in for Love Jong-woo
Cheer Up, Mr. Lee Young-soo [10]
Start-Up Tae-sung Special appearance
2021 The 8th Night Ho Tae Netflix film [11]
2022 In Our Prime Ahn Gi-chul [12][unreliable source?][13]
Broker Yoon Special appearance [14][15]
Emergency Declaration Tae-soo [note 1] [note 2] [18][19]
20th Century Girl A doctor at school infirmary Special appearance; Netflix film [20]
2023 12.12: The Day Noh Tae-geon [21][22]
TBA Jung's Ranch Byung Soo [23]
Opposition Oh Sang-jae [24]

Television series

Year Title Role Notes Ref.
2012 Jeon Woo-chi Dae-geun
2014 Doctor Stranger Cha Jin-soo [25]
Misaeng: Incomplete Life Chun Kwan-woong [26]
2015 The Missing Ha Tae-jo (guest, episodes 3-4)
My Beautiful Bride Park Hyung-sik [27]
2016 Wanted Song Jung-ho [28]
2018 My Mister Monk Gyum-duk
2019 Arthdal Chronicles Mu-baek [29]
2020 The World of the Married Lee Tae-oh

Web series

Year Title Role Ref.
2022 I Haven't Done My Best Yet Nam Geum-pil [30]
2024 The 8 Show [31][32]
TBA When Life Gives You Tangerines Gwan-shik [33]


Year Title Role Reprised
2007–2008 Almost, Maine Yi-hyeon / Ji-min / Chan-doo / Hyeok-pil / Da-young 2010–2011
2011 A Story of Old Thieves
Yeon Yoo Seong-ok
2012–2013 Right There Byeong-do
2014 마르고 닳도록
2015 달빛요정과 소녀

Awards and nominations

Name of the award ceremony, year presented, category, nominee of the award, and the result of the nomination
Award ceremony Year Category Nominee / Work Result Ref.
Buil Film Awards 2016 Best New Actor 4th Place Nominated
Wildflower Film Awards 2017 Best Actor Nominated
Buil Film Awards 2018 Best Supporting Actor Believer Nominated [34]
Baeksang Arts Awards 2019 Nominated [35]
APAN Star Awards 2021 Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries The World of the Married Won [36]


  1. ^ Screening at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival[16][unreliable source?]
  2. ^ The film has been temporarily postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak in South Korea and the number of infections is likely to increase. The film was originally scheduled to be released in January 2022, thus temporarily postponing the screening.[17]


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