Park Byung-eun

Park Byung-eun (born 14 July 1977) is a South Korean actor.[2]

Park Byung-eun
Park Byung-eun 2021.jpg
Park in June 2021
Born (1977-07-14) 14 July 1977 (age 45)
AgentC-JeS Entertainment
Korean name
Revised RomanizationBak Byeong-eun
McCune–ReischauerPak Pyŏng-ǔn

Personal lifeEdit

Park majored in drama at Chung-Ang University.

Park was set to debut with 90s South Korean boy group Taesaja in 1997, but gave up due to him feeling that he cannot sing well.[3]


Park made his debut in 2000 with a minor role in the TV series Mr. Duke. He had bit roles in Sex Is Zero (2002), Princess Aurora (2005), and I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK (2005).[2]

In 2008, he had his first major role in the drama film The Pit and the Pendulum Pit (2008).[4][5]

In 2015, he played a Japanese lieutenant in Assassination and was signed to a management company after his performance.

In 2016, he notably landed his first leading role in the film One Line (2016).

He also diversified his roles recently by starring in the rom-com TV series Because This Is My First Life[6] (2017) and in the historical war epic The Great Battle (2018), Kingdom (2020)[7] and Kingdom: Ashin of the North (2021).[8]



Year Title Role
2004 Spin Kick
2007 Beautiful Sunday Detective Min
2009 Marine Boy Ji-ho
The Pit and the Pendulum Pit Byeong-tae
How to Live on Earth Yeon-woo
2010 Parallel Life Seo Jeong-woon
The Influence Odd-eye
The Yellow Sea Bank employee
2011 Children Kim Joo-hwan
2012 Nameless Gangster: Rules of the Time Choi Joo-han (adult)
2013 An Ethics Lesson Lee Ji-hoon
Very Ordinary Couple Mr. Min
Red Family Chang-soo's father
2014 Monster Kwang-soo
No Tears for the Dead Ha Yoon-gook
The Royal Tailor The late King
2015 Bad Man/The Wicked Are Alive[9] Han Byeong-do
Assassination Kawaguchi Shunsuke
2016 A Man and a Woman Ahn Jae-suk
The Hunt Kwak Jong-pi
2017 One Line Ji-won
The Mayor Byeon Jong-gu's staff
The Return Jeong-hwan
2018 The Great Battle Poong
2019 Jo Pil-ho: The Dawning Rage Nam Sung-sik
2021 Seo Bok
2022 In Our Prime Geun-ho[10][11]
Decible Cha Young-han[12][13]
2023 Citizen Deok-hee a detective[14]

Television seriesEdit

Year Title Role Network
2017 Because This Is My First Life Ma Song-goo tvN
Queen of Mystery Inspector Woo Seung-Ha KBS
2018 Your Honor Sang Chul SBS
What's Wrong with Secretary Kim Park Byung-heon tvN
Queen of Mystery 2 Inspector Woo Seung-Ha KBS2
2019 Voice Kaneki Masayuki / Woo Jong-woo OCN
Arthdal Chronicles Dan byeok tvN
2020 Kingdom Min Chi-rok Netflix
Oh My Baby Yoon Jae-young tvN
2021 Kingdom: Ashin of the North Min Chi-rok Netflix
Lost Jung-soo[15] JTBC
2022 Eve Kang Yun-gyeom [16][17] tvN
Alchemy of Souls Go-seong (Cameo)[18]

Web seriesEdit

Year Title Role Notes
2022 Kiss Sixth Sense Fishing couple husband Cameo (Episode 3)
TBA The Bequeathed Park Sang-min [19]


Year Title Notes Ref.
2022 Opening ceremony of 26th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival With Han Sun-hwa [20]


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