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The Paris La Défense Arena (originally known as the U Arena) is a multi-use domed stadium that is located in Nanterre, which is a western suburb of Paris.[1] It is one of the two multi-use domed stadiums to be built in Europe, along with Telenor Arena. The arena was renamed from U Arena to "Paris La Défense Arena" following a vote by its board of directors.[2] For the 2024 Summer Olympics, in which the arena will host gymnastics events and commercially sponsored names are prohibited, the local organizing committee is using "Arena 92", a name that had been used early in the venue's planning process.[3]

Paris La Défense Arena
Exterior view of the stadium (c.2018)
Former namesArena92 (planning/construction)
U Arena (2017–18)
Address8 Rue des Sorins
92000 Nanterre, France
LocationLa Défense
Coordinates48°53′45″N 2°13′49″E / 48.895844°N 2.230203°E / 48.895844; 2.230203Coordinates: 48°53′45″N 2°13′49″E / 48.895844°N 2.230203°E / 48.895844; 2.230203
OwnerRacing Arena
Broke ground2 December 2013 (2013-12-02)
Opened16 October 2017 (2017-10-16)
Construction cost360 million
ArchitectChristian de Portzamparc
Project managerSNC-Lavalin
Structural engineerRFR Engineers
Services engineerFondasol
General contractorGTM Bâtiment
Racing 92 (2017–present)
France rugby union team selected matches
Venue Website
Building details
Design and construction
Other designers
  • Structures Ile-de-France
  • Light It Be
  • CSD Faces
  • LMV World
  • Smulders
  • Artelia
  • Ateloer
  • Avel Acoustique
  • Ducks Scéno
Quantity surveyorVanguard

The venue offers three separate configurations. In its rugby configuration, it has a nominal seating capacity of 32,000. For concerts, it is able to seat 40,000.[4] Finally, a movable stand allows it to also be used for a variety of indoor sports, at various capacities, with a capacity of as low as 5,000 being possible. The venue also includes 33,000 square metres (360,000 sq ft) of office space, 300 student rooms, shops, including a club shop, a brewery and a gourmet restaurant. The arena was built by the French rugby union club, Racing 92, and replaced their previous stadium, Stade Olympique Yves-du-Manoir.


View of Paris La Défense Arena in Nanterre, seen from the Grande Arche in La Défense

The stadium was originally planned to open in 2014, but that date was delayed, due to local protests.[5] It eventually opened in October 2017, although Racing 92 did not play their first home game in the new stadium, until they hosted Toulouse, on 22 December 2017.[6] The stadium's working name was changed from "Arena92" to "U Arena"; referencing the configuration of the main stands, and the structure's shape, when viewed from the air, in November 2016.[7] The name was changed a second time to the current Paris La Défense Arena on 12 June 2018.[8] This followed a 10-year naming rights agreement with Paris La Défense, the company that manages the nearby La Défense business district.[2]

The venue was originally planned to have a retractable roof, but it was ultimately built with a fixed roof instead.

The Rolling Stones were the first band to ever perform a concert in the stadium, closing their Europe-only No Filter Tour, with three shows, on 19, 22, and 25 October 2017.[9] The arena's first rugby union match, took place on 25 November, 2017 between France and the Japan. On 11 March 2018, the French professional basketball clubs Nanterre 92 and ASVEL Basket, played each other in a LNB Pro A 2017–18 season game. The game had an attendance of 15,220, which was the highest attendance of any game in the league's history.[10] Since 2017 it has hosted the Paris Motocross.[11]

Entertainment eventsEdit

Entertainment events at Paris La Défense Arena
Date Artist(s) Tour Supporting act(s) Attendance Box office
19 October The Rolling Stones[12] No Filter Tour Cage the Elephant 109,126 / 109,126 (100%) $18,529,324[13]
22 October
25 October
2 December Various Artists[14] Stars 80 N/A
8 June Roger Waters[15] Us + Them Tour N/A
9 June
24 August Kendrick Lamar
Paris Summer Jam[16] N/A
13 October Booba[17] Booba en Concert N/A
28 November Paul McCartney[18] Freshen Up N/A
11 May Kassav'[19] Tournée 40e Anniversaire N/A
7 June Mylène Farmer[20] Mylène Farmer 2019 N/A
8 June
11 June
12 June
14 June
15 June
18 June
19 June
22 June
28 June Rammstein[21] Europe Stadium Tour N/A
29 June
3 July P!nk[22] Beautiful Trauma World Tour N/A
21 September Soprano[22][failed verification] Phoenix Tour N/A
26 October Bigflo & Oli[23] Bigflo et Oli en Concert N/A
6 December Patrick Bruel[24] Ce soir on sort... Tour N/A
26 June Celine Dion[25] Courage World Tour N/A
27 June
30 June
1 July
3 July
4 July


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