Serra de Montsant

Serra de Montsant is a mountain chain in Catalonia, Spain. The main populated area in the range is La Morera de Montsant.

Serra de Montsant
Cartoixa d'Escaladei 1.jpg
Montsant cliffs towering above the winefields near Cartoixa d'Escaladei, a Carthusian Order monastery.
Highest point
Elevation1,163 m (3,816 ft)
Coordinates41°17′34.63″N 0°47′52.09″E / 41.2929528°N 0.7978028°E / 41.2929528; 0.7978028Coordinates: 41°17′34.63″N 0°47′52.09″E / 41.2929528°N 0.7978028°E / 41.2929528; 0.7978028
LocationPriorat, (Catalonia)
Parent rangeCatalan Pre-Coastal Range
Mountain typeConglomerate


It is part of the Catalan Pre-Coastal Range. The main peaks are Roca Corbatera (1,163 m), Piló dels Senyalets (1,109 m) and la Cogulla (1,063 m).[1] The Serra de Montsant, meaning 'Holy Mountain Range' is thus named because there were many hermits living in the range in early Medieval times.[2]

The Montsant mountain range is currently a protected area, the Serra de Montsant Natural Park.[3]

Local wineEdit

This mountain region is a famous red wine-producing zone; some of the best vineyards are located near the Cartoixa d'Escaladei, a Carthusian Order monastery.[4] It gives its name to the Montsant wine-producing area.


Serra de Montsant in winter; south face

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