Parade Tour

The Parade Tour[1] (also called the Under the Cherry Moon Tour[2]) was a concert tour by American recording artist Prince in support of Prince and The Revolution's eighth studio album Parade and his 1986 film Under the Cherry Moon. The Hit n Run Tour was not a full scale American tour, but a string of concerts that was dubbed "Hit n Run" by Prince's manager. Most of those shows were announced days or hours before the actual concert took place. The Parade Tour marked the first full tour of Europe by Prince. It also saw the expanded Revolution line-up and featured Sheila E. and her band as an opening act for most shows.

Parade Tour
Tour by Prince and The Revolution
Associated albumParade Around the World in a Day
Start dateMarch 3, 1986
End dateSeptember 9, 1986
No. of shows11 in North America
15 in Europe
4 in Asia
30 total (32 scheduled)
Prince and The Revolution concert chronology


The American leg of the tour is called the Hit n Run Tour. The Parade Tour marked the only tour of the expanded Revolution as most of the members of the defunct The Family band were absorbed into Prince's band, dubbed by Eric Leeds as "The Counter-Revolution". The band's expansion became a source of tension, as some of the original members were unhappy with the new additions, especially of the non-instrument playing dancers, Wally Safford and Greg Brooks, with Brown Mark remarking "I was [put] behind the piano, next to Bobby Z [standing] behind three guys that used to be bodyguards. I started feeling a little underappreciated."[3] Wendy was bothered that her twin sister Susannah was now in the band, saying "I shared a womb with this person, do I have to share a stage?" Furthermore, Brown Mark, Wendy and Lisa felt that Prince was turning the band into more of an R&B/funk and soul band, moving away from the pop/rock and classical music that Prince had moved toward with his last three albums.

Right before the Parade Tour was scheduled to start overseas, Brown Mark, Wendy and Lisa threatened to quit. In fact Bobby Z. literally caught Wendy and Lisa at the airport and begged them to stay for the tour. Eventually, all three were convinced to ride it out. But as the tour ended, it became clear that this would be the end of the group, and these were their final performances together. On the final night in Yokohama, Japan, Prince uncharacteristically smashed up all of his guitars after a final encore of "Purple Rain".[3]

During the British tour Prince was joined on stage by Ronnie Wood on guitar and Sting on bass. They performed a cover version of The Rolling Stones track "Miss You"; after the performance Prince said "I wish I wrote that". Following the tour a bootleg was released via the official British fan club called Salvador Dalí EP which featured a recording of the performance of "Miss You".

Shortly after the Parade Tour in October 1986, The Revolution was disbanded, with Prince firing Wendy and Lisa, replacing Bobby Z. with Sheila E., and Brown Mark quitting.

The bandEdit

Typical set listEdit

Hit n Run
  1. "Around the World in a Day"
  2. "Christopher Tracy's Parade"
  3. "New Position"
  4. "I Wonder U"
  5. "Raspberry Beret"
  6. "Alexa de Paris"
  7. "Controversy"
  8. "Mutiny"
  9. "Dream Factory"
  10. "Holly Rock"
  11. "(How Much Is) That Doggie in the Window?" / "Lady Cab Driver"
  12. "Automatic"
  13. "D.M.S.R."
  14. "The Dance Electric"
  15. "Under the Cherry Moon"
  16. "Anotherloverholenyohead"
  17. "Soft and Wet"
  18. "I Wanna Be Your Lover"
  19. "Head"
  20. "Pop Life"
  21. "Girls & Boys"
  22. "Life Can Be So Nice"
  23. "Purple Rain"
  24. "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin On"
  25. "Mountains"
  26. "A Love Bizarre"
  27. "America"
  28. "Kiss"[4]
  1. "Around the World in a Day"
  2. "Christopher Tracy's Parade"
  3. "New Position"
  4. "I Wonder U"
  5. "Raspberry Beret"
  6. "Delirious"
  7. "Controversy"
  8. "A Love Bizarre"
  9. "Do Me, Baby"
  10. "(How Much Is) That Doggie in the Window?" / "Lady Cab Driver"
  11. "Automatic"
  12. "D.M.S.R."
  13. "When Doves Cry"
  14. "Under the Cherry Moon"
  15. "Anotherloverholenyohead"
  16. "17 Days"
  17. "Head"
  18. "Pop Life"
  19. "Girls & Boys"
  20. "Life Can Be So Nice"
  21. "1999"
  22. "Mountains"
  23. "Kiss"
  24. "Purple Rain"

Also "Mutiny", "It's Gonna Be a Beautiful Night", "Do U Lie?", "Condition of the Heart", "The Ladder", "♥ or $" and "America" would be played on some shows.

The Paris performance of "It's Gonna Be a Beautiful Night" was recorded and overdubbed before being released on the Sign ☮' the Times album.

Tour datesEdit

Date City Country Venue
North America (Hit n Run)
March 3, 1986 Minneapolis United States First Avenue
April 3, 1986 Boston Metro
May 23, 1986 San Francisco Warfield Theatre
May 30, 1986 Los Angeles Wiltern Theatre
June 6, 1986 Detroit Masonic Temple Auditorium[5][6]
June 7, 1986 Cobo Arena
June 10, 1986 Louisville Freedom Hall
July 1, 1986 Sheridan Sheridan Convention Center
July 3, 1986 Denver McNichols Arena
August 2, 1986 New York City Madison Square Garden
August 3, 1986
August 12, 1986 London England Wembley Arena
August 13, 1986
August 14, 1986
August 17, 1986 Rotterdam Netherlands Rotterdam Ahoy Sportpaleis
August 18, 1986
August 19, 1986
August 21, 1986 Copenhagen Denmark Valby-Hallen
August 22, 1986 Stockholm Sweden Isstadion
August 24, 1986 Amsterdam Netherlands Jaap Eden Hall
August 25, 1986 Paris France Le Zénith
August 26, 1986 Frankfurt West Germany Eissporthalle Frankfurt
August 27, 1986 Brussels Belgium Forest National
August 28, 1986 Frankfurt West Germany Eissporthalle Frankfurt
August 29, 1986 Essen Grugahalle
August 30, 1986 Hamburg Alsterdorfer Sporthalle
August 31, 1986
September 5, 1986 Osaka Japan Osaka-jō Hall
September 6, 1986
September 8, 1986 Yokohama Yokohama Stadium
September 9, 1986


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