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Papyrus 103 (in the Gregory-Aland numbering), designated by 103, is a copy of part of the New Testament in Greek. It is a papyrus manuscript of the Gospel of Matthew.

Papyrus 103
New Testament manuscript
P103-Mat-13 55-56-POxy4403-II-III.jpg
NameP. Oxy. 4403
TextGospel of Matthew 13:55-56; 14:3-5
Date2nd / 3rd century
FoundOxyrhynchus, Egypt
Now atSackler Library
CiteJ. D. Thomas, OP LXIV (1997), pp. 5-7
Size[16] x [11] cm
TypeAlexandrian text-type



The surviving texts of Matthew are verses 13:55-56 and 14:3-5: they are in a fragmentary condition. The manuscript has been assigned palaeographically to the late 2nd or early 3rd century.

Probably together with Papyrus 77 it belonged to the same codex.[1]


The Greek text of the codex is a representative of the Alexandrian text-type. According to Comfort it is proto-Alexandrian text.[1]

In Matthew 13:55, the name of Jesus' second brother reads [...]ης so that either Ἰωάννης (John) and Ἰωσῆς (Joses) are possible original readings.

Ἰωάννης (John) א* D M U Γ 2 28 579 1424 Byzmss vgmss Origenpt
Ἰωσῆς (Joses) K L W Δ Π 0106 f13 22 565 1241 1582mg Byzmss itk,qc cosa,bomss Basil of Caesarea
Ἰωσῆ (Joses) 118 157 700* 1071 syrh cobomss
Ἰωσὴφ (Joseph) א2 B C N Θ f1 33 700c 892 lat syrs,c,hmg mae-1 Codex Schøyen cobomss Origenpt

The manuscript is currently housed at the Sackler Library (Papyrology Rooms, P. Oxy. 4403) in Oxford.[2]

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