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Papyrus 107 (in the Gregory-Aland numbering), designated by 107, is a copy of the New Testament in Greek. It is a papyrus manuscript of the Gospel of John, containing verses 17:1-2 & 17:11 in a fragmentary condition. The manuscript has been paleographically assigned to the early 3rd Century CE.[1] The manuscript currently is housed at the Sackler Library (Papyrology Rooms, P. Oxy. 4446) at Oxford.[2]

Papyrus 107
New Testament manuscript
P107-Joh-17 1-2-POxy4446-III.jpg
NameP. Oxy. 4446
TextGospel of John 17:1-2,11
Date3rd Century CE
FoundOxyrhynchus, Egypt
Now atSackler Library
CiteW. E. H. Cockle, OP LXV (1997), pp. 14-16
Size13 x 8.8 cm
NoteAgreement somewhat with W


The original manuscript would've had around 33 lines per page. The extant portion is too small to determine height and width. The handwriting script is either documentary or common. The text is erratic, and doesn't really agree with any major text-type, bearing most resemblance with Codex Washingtonianus (W).[3]

Textual VariantsEdit

John 17:1

και ο υς (υιος):  107
και ο υς (υιος) σου: C(2).3, L, Ψ, f13, 33,  , q, vgmss; Orpt
ο υς (υιος): א, B, C*, W, 0109, 0301, pc, d, e, ff2, pbo; Orpt
ο υς (υιος) σου: A, D, Θ, 0250, 1, 579, l 844, pc, lat, sy

John 17:2 (1)

δως:  107, W, L
δωση: א2, A, C, K, 0250, 33, al
δωσω: 0109, א*, pc
δωσει: B, Ψ, 0301, f13,  
εχη: D

John 17:2 (2)

αυτω:  107, א*, W, 0109, pc
αυτοις: א2, A, B, C, K, Ψ, 0250, 0301, f13,  , 33, al
omit. : D

John 17:11 (1)

Insert ουκετι ειμι εν τω κοσμω, και εν τω κοσμω ειμι between ερχομαι and πατερ
incl. :  107(vid), D, (a c), r1
omit. :  66, א, A, B, C, L, K, W, Θ, Ψ,  

John 17:11 (2)

ω εδωκας:  107(vid),  66, א, L, W, 579, pc
ω δεδωκας:  60, A, B, C, Θ, Ψ, f13, 1,  
ο δεδωκας: D*, 1424, pc
ους δεδωκας: D1, (N), 209, 892s, al, aur, f, q, vg

John 17:11 (2)

εν καθως και ημεις:  107,  66c(vid), B, Θ, 579, 700, l 844, al, aur, f, vg, syh
εν καθως ημεις:  60, א, A, C, D,  
omit. :  66*, it, ac2

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Further readingEdit

  • W. E. H. Cockle, The Oxyrhynchus Papyri LXV (London: 1998), pp. 14–16.
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