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Panzerknacker, a German word meaning 'Armour Breaker', can refer to the following:

  • German name for the Disney characters Beagle Boys
  • The Hafthohlladung, a German anti-tank grenade used in World War II
  • The nickname of Heinrich von Vietinghoff (1887–1952), General (Generaloberst) of the German army during the in World War II
  • The popular German nickname for the soldiers awarded by Tank Destruction Badge during World War II
  • The Henschel Hs 129, a World War II ground attack aircraft fielded by the Luftwaffe
  • The name of a bonus level and character in the video game Medal of Honor: Underground
  • Der Panzerknacker: Anleitung für den Panzernahkämpfer. The military manual brochure published by German OKH in 1944.