Panxi railway

The Pan County west railway or Panxi railway (simplified Chinese: 盘西铁路; traditional Chinese: 盘西鐵路; pinyin: pánxī tiělù), is a single-track electrified railroad in Southwest China between Zhanyi County in eastern Yunnan province and Baiguo Township in Pan County in western Guizhou province.[1] The line is 136.3 km (85 mi) in length and was built during the Cultural Revolution from 1966 to 1975 to exploit coal fields in western Guizhou and support inland industries as part of the Third Front.[1][2] The line's name is derived from the fact that the railway from Hongguo to Baiguo, runs along the western border of Pan County.[3] The Panxi line was electrified in 2001 and permits trains from Chengdu to reach the seaport at Fangchenggang by following the Neikun, Shuibai, Panxi and Hongwei lines to the Nankun line at Weishe, saving 279 km (173 mi) from traveling via the Chengkun line to the Nankun line at Kunming.[1] Notable stations along route include Zhanyi, Fucheng County, Hongguo Township and Baiguo Township.

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