Pantheon of Heroes

The Pantheon of Heroes (a.k.a. the Pantheon of Super Heroes) is a 30th-century superhero team based on the Legion of Super-Heroes (former Legion artist Dave Cockrum drew the cover for the Pantheon's first story) and introduced in Big Bang Comics.

Pantheon of Heroes
Pantheon of Heroes, art by Dave Cockrum
Publication information
PublisherBig Bang Comics
First appearanceBig Bang Comics # 12
In-story information
Base(s)Empire City
Member(s)Angelfish, Anti-Matter Lad, Brain Boy, Butterfly Queen, Clone Boy, Devil Boy, Dragon Fist, Galactic Lad, Golden Girl, Ghost Girl, Gravity Girl, Jupiter Boy, Kid Warlock, Laughing Boy, Nature Boy, Photon, Snowstar, Tele-Girl, and Ultragirl

Fictional team historyEdit

The Pantheon is a team in the 30th century inspired by Ultragirl and were based in Ultiman's hometown Empire City. Their HQ was a space craft and later a citadel. Each year, they have auditions for new members. They have time traveling technology (first "Time Pills" than "Time Belts"). This allowed Ultragirl to join the group. She later could come to the group via "time cube".


  • Angelfish-
  • Anti-Matter Lad- He is based on Wildfire and Mano.
  • Brain Boy- He has superhuman intelligence (hence his over-size head). He is based on Brainiac 5 and Evolvo Lad
  • Butterfly Queen- She is based on Insect Queen.
  • Clone Boy- Dubba has pale blue-skin and antennae. He can clone himself and others. He is based on Chameleon Boy, Duplicate Boy, Duo Damsel and Brainiac 5.
  • Devil Boy- He can contact the dead via holding a seance. He is mentioned but not seen.
  • Dragon Fist- Formerly Combat Kid, he is a martial artist. He is based on Karate Kid and Iron Fist.
  • Galactic Lad- Noa Zark is able to increase his super strength to "level 10". He is based on Ultra Boy.
  • Golden Girl-
  • Ghost Girl- Mariah Vesper was first able to project her "soul-self". Then, after being blasted with a ray gun, she is denied entrance into the afterlife. She becomes undead, and is intangible. She is based on Phantom Girl, Deadman, Duo Damsel and Doctor Strange.
  • Gravity Girl- She can manipulate weight and density. She is based on Star Boy and Light Lass.
  • Jupiter Boy- He is a "cathode giant" with electric powers. He was a founding member and died saving the universe. He declared love for Ulragirl with his last breath. He has a live-size gold statue in the Pantheon's "Hall of Heroes". He is based on Mon-El, Superboy and Lightning Lad.
  • Kid Warlock- Has magical powers.
  • Laughing Boy- Shemp Babbit has emotion manipulation, but when he does so he get the appropriate facial expression. He is the Phaethon's "class clown". He is based on Psycho-Pirate and Psyche.
  • Nature Boy- He is an ally that said to have died in 2988. It's unknown he actually became a member. He is based on Chlorophyll Kid.
  • Photon- She was first known as "Lamp Lass".
  • Snowstar- She has cold manipulation usually manifested as blizzards. She is based on Polar Boy (but looks like Phantom Girl).
  • Tele-Girl- She is a mind-reading member that once visited the 20th century. She is based on Saturn Girl.
  • Ultragirl- Thanks to being exposed to a radioactive meteor, she gain Ultiman-like powers. She was the inspiration for the group. She is based on Superboy and Supergirl.