Pant Pratinidhi family

Pant Pratinidhi family is a prominent aristocratic noble family of India, who served as Pratinidhis to Chhatrapatis of Maratha Empire and later became rulers of the Princely states of Aundh and Vishalgad.[1][2]

Pant Pratinidhi family
Current regionPune, India
EtymologyThe Viceroy
Place of originKinhai, Satara, Satara District, Maharashtra, India
MembersParshuram Trimbak Pant Pratinidhi
Krishnarao Pant Pratinidhi
Shripatrao Pant Pratinidhi
Jagjivanrao Pant Pratinidhi
Bhawanrao Shriniwasrao Pant Pratinidhi
Parashuram Rao Pant Pratinidhi
Connected familiesGandekar family
Estate(s)Aundh State
Vishalgad estate

The Pant Pratinidhi's were officer's of the highest dignity under the Maratha Empire. They were ranked above all Ashta Pradhans and even above Peshwas during Rajaram I to Shahu I times.[3]


The family of the Pant Pratinidhi is descended from Trimbak Krishna, the Kulkarni (village officer) of Kinhai. Parshuram Trimbak Pant Pratinidhi, son of Trimbak Krishna was the founder of the family. Parshuram Pant Pratinidhi was born in 1660 in kinhai village.[4] The family name of Pant Pratinidhi family is Jaykar.[5]

Family treeEdit

First generationEdit

Second generationEdit

Parshuram Trimbak married had five sons and two daughters.

  • Krishnarao Parashuram, was the elder son of Parshuram Trimbak and first chief of Vishalgad. In 1713, Shahu I awarded the jagir (feudal estate) of Vishalgad to Parashuram Trimbak. Parashuram Trimbak sent his eldest son, Krishnarao, to assume the management of the fort and the jagir of Vishalgarh. However, he no sooner obtained possession than he revolted and tendered his services to Sambhaji II, cousin and rival of Shahu I. Krishnarao was appointed Pratinidhi by Sambhaji II, the Raja of Kolhapur.[9] Among his brothers, Krishnarao was the only one to be blessed with surviving sons. His eldest son, Gangadhar Rao, was in turn the father of two sons, one of whom succeeded as the ruler of Aundh and the other as the jagirdar of Vishalgarh.
  • Trimbak Pant who died young
  • Shrinivasrao Parshuram, also known as Shripatrao Pant Pratinidhi (1687- 25 November 1746), was the Pratinidhi to Shahu I and the second Chief of Aundh. He led many battles as a general in the defense of the Maratha Empire.[4] In 1718, he was appointed Pant Pratinidhi of Maratha Empire. Shripatrao is famous for his campaigns of Khatav and his Karnataka Expeditions.[10] Having no surviving sons, he was succeeded by his younger brother.
  • Jagjivan Parshuram (1691-1754), also known as Dadobha was the fourth son of Parshuram Trimbak. He succeeded his brother Shripatrao Pant Pratinidhi as the third Chief of Aundh upon the latter's death in 1746.[11] LIke his brother, he also did not have surviving sons, and therefore adopted (and was succeeded by) his grand-nephew, the elder son of Gangadhar Rao (see below).
  • Sadashivrao Pant who died young.
  • Godu Bai - She was married into Gugardhare family.
  • Yesu Bai -She was married into Kolekar Deshpande family.

Third generationEdit

Shrimant Krishnaji Parshuram married and had four sons.

  • Shrimant Gangadharrao Pant
  • Shrimant Amrutrao Krishnaji Pant Pratinidhi was son of Krishnaji Parshuram and second Chief of Vishalgad.
  • Shrimant Trimbakrao Krishnaji Pant
  • Shrimant Shivram Krishnaji Pant

Fourth generationEdit

  • Shrimant Shrinivasrao Gangadhar was son of Gangadharrao Pant and fourth Chief of Aundh State.
  • Shrimant Krishnaji Amrutrao Pant Pratinidhi was son of Amrutrao Krishnaji and third chief of Vishalgad.


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