Panhandle-Pecos Valley League

The Panhandle–Pecos Valley League was a minor league baseball league that played in the 1923 season. The Class D level Panhandle–Pecos Valley League featured four teams based in New Mexico and Texas. The league permanently folded during its first season of play, with the Lubbock Hubbers capturing the only championship of the short–lived league.

Panhandle–Pecos Valley League
FormerlyWest Texas League
ClassificationClass D (1923)
SportMinor League Baseball
Inaugural season1923
CeasedAugust 15, 1923
PresidentS.D. Hunter (1923)
No. of teams4
CountryUnited States of America
Most titles1
Lubbock Hubbers (1923)


The Panhandle–Pecos Valley League was formed for the 1923 season as a Class D level minor league.[1] The league president was S.D. Hunter. The Panhandle–Pecos Valley League evolved from the 1922 eight–team West Texas League, as three members became the foundation of the Panhandle-Pecos Valley League.[2][3] The 1923 Panhandle–Pecos Valley League began play as a four–team league, hosting franchises from Amarillo, Texas (Amarillo Gassers),[4] Clovis, New Mexico (Clovis Cubs), Lubbock, Texas (Lubbock Hubbers)[5] and Roswell, New Mexico (Roswell Giants).[6] Amarillo, Colvis and Lubbock had played in the 1922 West Texas League.[7][8][9][10][11][12]

The Panhandle–Pecos Valley League began play on May 8, 1923 with a split–season schedule. The league permanently disbanded on August 15, 1923. The overall standings were led by the Amarillo Gassers (62–42), followed by the Lubbock Hubbers (57–47), Clovis Cubs (48–56) and Roswell Giants (41–63). Lubbock won the first half pennant and Clovis won the second half pennant. Amarillo was also named a playoff qualifier and the league did hold a nine–game playoff, which was won by the Lubbock Hubbers 5 games to 4 over the Amarillo Gassers.[13][7][2]

Panhandle–Pecos Valley League teamsEdit

Team name(s) City represented Ballpark Year(s) active
Amarillo Gassers Amarillo, Texas Glenwood ballpark[14] 1923
Clovis Cubs Clovis, New Mexico League Park[15] 1923
Lubbock Hubbers Lubbock, Texas Merrill Base Ball Park[16] 1923
Roswell Giants Roswell, New Mexico League Park[17] 1923

Standings & statisticsEdit

1923 Panhandle–Pecos Valley League

Team standings W L PCT GB Managers
Amarillo Gassers 62 42 .596 Clyde Anheier / O.R. Moore
Lubbock Hubbers 57 47 .548 5.0 Sled Allen
Clovis Cubs 48 56 .461 14.0 Pop-Boy Smith / Frank Fuller
Roseburg Shamrocks 41 63 .394 21.0 Charley O'Day
Player statistics
Player Team Stat Tot Player Team Stat Tot
Ben Bedford Roswell BA .354 Dick Morgan Lubbock W 17
Robert Clary Clovis Runs 83 Mike File Clovis W 17
Ben Bedford Roswell Hits 134 Harry Swenson Lubbock SO 162
Ed Shaw Amarillo HR 19 Dick Morgan Lubbock PCT .654 17–9



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