Panglong (23°53'0"N 98°22'0"E)

Panglong[2] is a village in Mu Se Township, Mu Se District, northern Shan State.

Panglong (23°53'0"N 98°22'0"E) is located in Myanmar
Panglong (23°53'0"N 98°22'0"E)
Coordinates: 23°53′N 98°22′E / 23.883°N 98.367°E / 23.883; 98.367
Country Burma
StateShan State
DistrictMu Se District
TownshipMu Se Township
Elevation4,427 ft (1,349 m)
Time zoneUTC+6:30 (MMT)


Panglong lies in a mountainous area, roughly 2 km to the west of Nawnghoi, a mountain with a rocky summit that rises to a height of 1,936 m (6,352 ft) at 23°53′15″N 98°23′24″E / 23.88750°N 98.39000°E / 23.88750; 98.39000.[1]

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