Pan Dingxin (Chinese: 潘鼎新; Wade–Giles: P'an Ting-hsin; 1828–1888) was a Qing dynasty governor and military commander of the Huai Army, best known for his role in the Sino-French War.[1]: 306 [2]: 173 

Early lifeEdit

Pan was born in Lujiang, Anhui Province. He began his education with his father Pan Xiao'an, a teacher. One of his classmate was Liu Bingzhang. He passed the county exam (考秀) and then the provincial exam, obtaining the juren (Chinese: 举人) degree in 1849.[3]


He edited biographies at the Guoshiguan, National History Bureau (国史馆). When the Taiping Rebellion broke out, he ran militia and eventually had his own army, the Ding Battalion (Chinese: "鼎"字营; also Ting-tzu-ying). He was a commander in the civil wars against the Taiping Rebellion and the Nian Rebellion.[1]: 41 [2]: 162n  He served as governor of Shandong in 1865, Yunnan in 1876 and Guangxi in 1884.,[1]: 317 [2]: 173 [4] He was most noted for his role during the Sino-French War: Battle of Đồng Đăng, Battle of Bang Bo (Zhennan Pass), Kep Campaign.


Pan Dingxin is at the center of the movie The War of Loong (2017)


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