Coordinates: 26°10′58″N 91°44′51″E / 26.1829°N 91.7474°E / 26.1829; 91.7474

Pan Bazaar is a locality in Guwahati, India surrounded by localities of Paltan Bazaar, Ambari and Fancy Bazaar. It is important part of the city centre on the southern bank of the river Brahmaputra.[1]


The District Court (Kamrup) is major landmark of this area. The area also includes many libraries, major government offices and a shopping district. Restaurants and bookshops in the area provide a unique environment. It is also a major wholesale market for drugs and pharmaceutical products and a hub for printing and publication. Cotton University also is situated here.

Close to Dighalipukhuri, there are many stores with traditional arts and crafts from Assam and other parts of the North East Region. Kachari Ghat, next to the district court is an important local river port.

Place of interestEdit

Pan Bazaar is known as one of the cultural and educational hotspots of Gauhati. Area is house for many historic buildings like of Kamarupa Anusandhan Samiti, Assam State Museum and District Library. The Nehru Park and Sukreshwar Temple are other major tourist magnets of this area.

Educational institutionsEdit

Cotton College, Handique Girls College, Cotton Collegiate High School and Don Bosco High School are prominent educational institutes of this area which has state level importance.


Domino's Pizza, Food Villa, Ashoka, Reboti's, Sunflower, Kalyanee, Gauhati Dairy, US PIZZA and Piccadilly are few well known eateries of this area.

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